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Alina Shigri

Alina Shigri

Address: Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory
Profession: Anchor
Affiliation: Waqt News

Alina Shigri's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Khan in Trouble by Own 2-Nov-19
Khan in Trouble by Own
PM Khan is in trouble by own decision. Haroon Ur Rasheed
What is Khan Weakness & Power? 2-Nov-19
What is Khan Weakness & Power?
Haroon-ur-Rasheed is telling about Khan weakness & Power
IK Will Be More Strong if Fazal Failed 15-Oct-19
IK Will Be More Strong if Fazal Failed
PM Imran Khan will be more strong if Maulana Fazal Azadi March is failed.
Energy Minister Press Conference 3-Oct-19
Energy Minister Press Conference
Energy Minister Omar Ayub Khan addressing media
Muqabil 24-Sep-19
Is India going to do anything wrong again?
Muqabil 23-Sep-19
What will be the results of PM meeting with the American president?
Muqabil 4-Sep-19
What help Arab countries can provide to Pakistan in current situation
More Missile Tests Are in Line 30-Aug-19
More Missile Tests Are in Line
More missile tests are in line after Ghaznavi test. Haroon Ur Rashid
Muqabil 27-Aug-19
No one ready to take responsibility of Karachi
Why Trump Desperate for Mediation 22-Aug-19
Why Trump Desperate for Mediation
Why US president desperate for mediation on Kashmir?
Muqabil 12-Aug-19
Why our new generation is losing interest in reading books
Muqabil 7-Aug-19
Kashmir cell should be formed in the foreign ministry
Muqabil 6-Aug-19
Why did not world take notice of Indian atrocities in Kashmir?
Muqabil 31-Jul-19
NAB initiated inquiry against Khurshid Shah of PPP & Mehtab Abbasi or PMLN
Muqabil 30-Jul-19
Why Indian government sent 10 thousands troops in occupied Kashmir?
Muqabil 29-Jul-19
Will opposition succeed in Islamabad march after failure of black day?
What Fazal Demanded to CM Kamal 26-Jul-19
What Fazal Demanded to CM Kamal
What Fazal Ur Rehman demanded to CM Baluchistan while in a meeting.
Muqabil 25-Jul-19
Official visits expenditures of former ruling parties
Babar Awan Entry in Cabinet 9-Jul-19
Babar Awan Entry in Cabinet
Dr. Babar Awan likely to become part of PM cabinet as an adviser
Muqabil 8-Jul-19
Investigation of alleged video of AC judge must be done
Muqabil 24-Jun-19
Afghan President Ashraf Ghani visit of Pakistan and its impact on bilateral relation
Tajzia With Sami Ibrahim 29-Oct-18
Tajzia With Sami Ibrahim
Supreme Court rejected NAB request to revisit Hudaibia case verdict.
Tajzia With Sami Ibrahim 20-Oct-18
Tajzia With Sami Ibrahim
Caretaker interior minister appeared in NAB today
Why IK Appointed Buzdar as CM Pun 29-Sep-18
Why IK Appointed Buzdar as CM Pun
Why Imran Khan appointed person like Usman Buzdar as CM Punjab.
The Other Side 14-Sep-18
The Other Side
Kulsoom Nawaz struggle against dictatorship is unforgettable
The Other Side 9-Sep-18
The Other Side
The role of media in politics.
The Other Side 2-Sep-18
The Other Side
Foreign Policy of New Government and Civil-military relationship
The Other Side 1-Sep-18
The Other Side
70 years of national political & Imran Khan 8 hours in GHQ
The Other Side 31-Aug-18
The Other Side
Ministries & ministers of PTI government will be bigger challenge for Imran Khan
The Other Side 26-Aug-18
The Other Side
Pak America Relationship, a Big challenge for new Government
The Other Side 25-Aug-18
The Other Side
Opposition still not united to bring candidate for presidential election
The Other Side 19-Aug-18
The Other Side
New Government facing a strong opposition
The Other Side 18-Aug-18
The Other Side
Imran Khan took charge of Pakistan as 22nd PM.
The Other Side 17-Aug-18
The Other Side
After 22 years struggle Imran Khan became country 22nd PM
The Other Side 12-Aug-18
The Other Side
The role of social media in politics of Pakistan
The Other Side 11-Aug-18
The Other Side
Demand of parliamentary committee to probe rigging allegations.
The Other Side 10-Aug-18
The Other Side
What will be grand opposition next strategy?
The Other Side 5-Aug-18
The Other Side
Pak America Relationship and IMF conditions
The Other Side 4-Aug-18
The Other Side
Failure of RTS in election 2018 raised many questions
The Other Side 3-Aug-18
The Other Side
Party are Manipulating before Election to elect new leader of the house
The Other Side 29-Jul-18
The Other Side
Turnout in election 2018 is satisfying or not?
The Other Side 28-Jul-18
The Other Side
Manipulation to form government on peak after election 2018
The Other Side 27-Jul-18
The Other Side
All eyes will be now on PTI first 100 days agenda
The Other Side 22-Jul-18
The Other Side
The Other Side special program 22 july 2018
Dusra Rukh 25-Mar-18
Dusra Rukh
Special Debate With cricket analyst about PSL 3 Final


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