Alina Farooq Sheikh
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Alina Farooq Sheikh
Report Card Friday
Report Card
Would Maryam Nawaz be able to restore political popularity of PMLN?
Report Card Thursday
Report Card
Pervez Elahi stunning statement and big jump ofthe US dollar
Report Card Wednesday
Report Card
What did the PDM government achieve from the arrest of Fawad Chaudhry?
Report Card Tuesday
Report Card
PTI is in big trouble due to harsh decisions, Speaker accepted 43 more resignations of PTI MNAs
Report Card Monday
Report Card
Electricity blackout and PTI allegations on caretaker CM Punjab Mohsin Naqvi
Report Card 21-Jan
Report Card
Caretaker CM took oath in CM, New narrative of PMLN
Report Card 20-Jan
Report Card
Another shock to PTI from the PDM government. who will be a caretaker CM in Punjab?
Report Card 19-Jan
Report Card
This PDM government has no explanation to give to the IMF
Report Card 18-Jan
Report Card
The PDM government is still in big trouble despite speaker accepted resignations of 35 PTI MNAs
Report Card 17-Jan
Report Card
Why are the politicians criticizing the current system?
Report Card 16-Jan
Report Card
What would be the next plan of Imran Khan? local body election in Sindh
Report Card 14-Jan
Report Card
Challenge of law & order in the local body election in Karachi
Report Card 13-Jan
Report Card
Imran Khan all claims about horse trading in Punjab proved wrong
Report Card 12-Jan
Report Card
Would rebranded MQM be able to get back political support in Karachi?
Report Card 11-Jan
Report Card
Both the government and the opposition are claiming majority in the Punjab assembly.
Report Card 10-Jan
Report Card
Imran Khan in doubts about PMLQ, PDM claiming big success in the Geneva conference
Report Card 9-Jan
Report Card
Who is making Imran Khan fool? Party position in the Punjab assembly
Report Card 7-Jan
Report Card
Imran Khan soften his narrative against the US, Assets of politicians
Report Card 6-Jan
Report Card
What are the options of MQM if local body election does not postpone on their demand?
Report Card 5-Jan
Report Card
New allegations of Imran Khan, Miftah Ismail vs Ishaq Dar
Report Card 4-Jan
Report Card
PTI finding trouble in getting vote of confidence in Punjab
Report Card 2-Jan
Report Card
Discussion on the challenges for Pakistan in 2023
Report Card 31-Dec-22
Report Card
Who is running away from the election?
Report Card 29-Dec-22
Report Card
Differences within the PTI are open now, Does PTI really want to resign from the national assem..
Report Card 28-Dec-22
Report Card
Economy of Pakistan is not progressing. Is technocrat form of government coming in Pakistan?
Report Card 26-Dec-22
Report Card
Is Imran Khan statement on his audio leaks logical?
Report Card 23-Dec-22
Report Card
Court asked Pervez Elahi to give undertaking that the Punjab assembly will not be dissolved.
Report Card 22-Dec-22
Report Card
Who will be the main beneficiary of delay in the dissolution of the Punjab assembly?
Report Card 21-Dec-22
Report Card
Who would possibly be vindicated under the current political crisis in Punjab?
Report Card 20-Dec-22
Report Card
Pervez Elahi is no more CM Punjab now. Rana Sanaullah
Report Card 19-Dec-22
Report Card
Can Chaudhry Pervez Elahi leave Imran Khan? Will Punjab assembly be dissolved on Friday?
Report Card 17-Dec-22
Report Card
Would the immediate dissolution of the assemblies be possible?
Report Card 16-Dec-22
Report Card
PMLQ wants seat adjustment with PTI before the dissolution of the Punjab assembly.
Report Card 15-Dec-22
Report Card
Plan B of Imran Khan created Choas in Pakistan
Report Card 14-Dec-22
Report Card
Would Imran Khan be able to force this government for fresh election?
Report Card 13-Dec-22
Report Card
Are NAB amendments NRO-2? Women role in the politics
Report Card 12-Dec-22
Report Card
Afghan forces attacked the civilian population in Pakistan with heavy artillery
Report Card 9-Dec-22
Report Card
British newspaper Dailymail apologized to Shahbaz Sharif.
Report Card 8-Dec-22
Report Card
Contradictory statements of Imran Khan about Toshakhana gifts raised many questions
Report Card 6-Dec-22
Report Card
The federal government has sealed Centaurus Mall after AJK PM disgraceful press conference
Report Card 5-Dec-22
Report Card
Are the statements of Chaudhry Pervez Elahi and Munis Elahi proving Imran Khan wrong?
Report Card 2-Dec-22
Report Card
Munis Elahi interview exposed Imran Khan narrative against General Bajwa
Report Card 1-Dec-22
Report Card
What does Imran Khan want in Pakistan? Political crisis in Punjab
Report Card 30-Nov-22
Report Card
Zardari on mission to save the Punjab assembly, Will he be succeeded?
Report Card 28-Nov-22
Report Card
PTI in a hurdle to consult dissolution of the KPK & Punjab assembly.
Report Card 25-Nov-22
Report Card
Threat to the life of Imran Khan and an offer to return in the parliament.
Report Card 24-Nov-22
Report Card
Could the past decisions of Imran Khan create any mess for him?
Report Card 23-Nov-22
Report Card
Army Chief completely rejected the narrative of foreign conspiracy


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