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Alina Farooq Sheikh
Report Card Friday
Report Card
Who did make baseless cases against Nawaz Sharif? Nawaz Sharif is making a new narrative.
Report Card Thursday
Report Card
PTI leader Hamid Khan admitted that election 2018 was rigged in favor of PTI.
Report Card Wednesday
Report Card
Should SC declare death penalty to Zulfiqar Bhutto a judicial murder?
Report Card Tuesday
Report Card
Akbar S Babar challenged PTI intra-party election in the ECP.
Report Card 4-Dec
Report Card
How would a new chairman PTI run party affairs? Proceeding in the Cypher case
Report Card 2-Dec
Report Card
Barrister Gohar Ali Khan has been unopposed elected as acting chairman of PTI.
Report Card 1-Dec
Report Card
Differences within PTI before the intra-party election, Hearing of the Cypher case.
Report Card 30-Nov
Report Card
How difficult to run party affairs without Imran Khan? Leaked audio of Latif Khosa & Bushra Bib..
Report Card 29-Nov
Report Card
Discussion on the Islamabad High Court verdict about Nawaz Sharif
Report Card 28-Nov
Report Card
New confusion about the election in 2024, who does want delay in the election?
Report Card 27-Nov
Report Card
A girl was murdered on the order of Jirga in Kohistan,
Report Card 25-Nov
Report Card
Possibility of national government after the election in 2024
Report Card 24-Nov
Report Card
Bilawal Bhutto vs Asif Ali Zardari, A deadline to PTI to hold intra-party election.
Report Card 22-Nov
Report Card
Bilawal Bhutto says that if PMLN comes in power it will do politics of revenge.
Report Card 20-Nov
Report Card
Zulfi Bukhari statement is a chargesheet against Imran Khan.
Report Card 18-Nov
Report Card
A possible crackdown against tax evasions, Question marks on the election
Report Card 17-Nov
Report Card
Federal, Baluchistan governments also filed a intra-court appeal in SC in military court case
Report Card 16-Nov
Report Card
Nawaz Sharif speech in the Lahore Chamber of Commerce
Report Card 15-Nov
Report Card
Around 30 politicians have joined PMLN in Baluchistan
Report Card 14-Nov
Report Card
PMLN is forming a new alliance in Baluchistan but in danger in Lahore
Report Card 13-Nov
Report Card
OIC & Arab League conference and demands to Israel
Report Card 11-Nov
Report Card
Caretaker CM KPK died, A new crisis has been created
Report Card 10-Nov
Report Card
Will Nawaz Sharif contest general election or wait for the by-poll?
Report Card 9-Nov
Report Card
New corruption story of the PTI government, Could Imran Khan be able to get any relief?
Report Card 8-Nov
Report Card
The President Alvi has been active to provide PTI a level-playing field.
Report Card 7-Nov
Report Card
Discussion on the possible political alliance between PMLN & MQM
Report Card 6-Nov
Report Card
Telephonic contact between Nawaz Sharif & Asif Zardari
Report Card 4-Nov
Report Card
Analysts opinion on Ishaq Dar views about President Arif Alvi.
Report Card 3-Nov
Report Card
New political alignment after the announcement of the election date.
Report Card 2-Nov
Report Card
Discussion on the Supreme Court order in the election case.
Report Card 31-Oct
Report Card
Why there is uncertainty about the election? Caretaker PM in front of LUMS students.
Report Card 30-Oct
Report Card
Contacts among poitical arch rivals before the election is a healthy sign.
Report Card 28-Oct
Report Card
Will Pakistan accept international pressure on the issue of illegal Afghan refugees?
Report Card 27-Oct
Report Card
Is a grand dialogue possible before the election or after election?
Report Card 26-Oct
Report Card
A big relief to Nawaz Sharif as IHC restored the status of his appeals.
Report Card 25-Oct
Report Card
PTI government used government fund to run malicious social media campaign against opponent.
Report Card 24-Oct
Report Card
Is NAB going out of way to give favor to Nawaz Sharif?
Report Card 23-Oct
Report Card
What is the legal & political impact of Supreme Court judgment in military court cases?
Report Card 20-Oct
Report Card
Exclusive show from Greater Iqbal Park Lahore
Report Card 19-Oct
Report Card
Would Nawaz Sharif be able to restore its party population by a massive political campaign
Report Card 18-Oct
Report Card
Israeli aggression on Gaza could trigger a world war
Report Card 17-Oct
Report Card
Has the indictment of the PTI chairman in the Cypher case been postponed?
Report Card 16-Oct
Report Card
Farrukh Habib left PTI on May 9 incidents, Declared Imran Khan a mastermind of all incidents.
Report Card 13-Oct
Report Card
Discussion on the current situation in Gaza and the role of Arab states
Report Card 12-Oct
Report Card
Nawaz Sharif is returning but is still not eligible to contest the election.
Report Card 11-Oct
Report Card
Discussion on the Supreme Court practice & procedure act judgement
Report Card 10-Oct
Report Card
What option does Palestine have after the retaliation of Israel?
Report Card 9-Oct
Report Card
PTI chairman Imran Khan will be indicted on in the Cypher case on October 17


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