Ali Pervez Malik
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Ali Pervez Malik
News Beat 17-Jul
News Beat
Discussion on the political campaign in Azad Kashmir
G For Gharida 14-Jul
G For Gharida
Will Pakistan accept the Taliban government?
To The Point 14-Jul
To The Point
Finance Minister announced change in the NAB laws.
G For Gharida 7-Jul
G For Gharida
Is PM running Baluchistan affairs in the right direction?
G For Gharida 27-May
G For Gharida
PPP vs PDM, What will happen after two days?
G For Gharida 17-May
G For Gharida
Massacre in Ghaza, What OIC is doing?
Face to Face 15-May
Face to Face
A transparent election has become dream in Pakistan.
G For Gharida 14-Apr-21
G For Gharida
Discussion on the current political cenario of Pakistan
Clash With Imran Khan 8-Apr-21
Clash With Imran Khan
Discussion on the Tareen threat to the Khan government.
G For Gharida 29-Mar-21
G For Gharida
Discussion on the removal of Finance Minister Hafeez Sheikh
Clash With Imran Khan 16-Mar-21
Clash With Imran Khan
PDM has divided after PPP refused to resign
Face to Face 13-Mar-21
Face to Face
London plan behind Gilani defeat in the senate
To The Point 10-Feb-21
To The Point
Protest of the government employees & upcoming senate election.
Face to Face 5-Feb-21
Face to Face
Discussion on the PDM rally in Muzaffarabad and Kashmir solidarity day.
To The Point 25-Nov-20
To The Point
Big shuffle in the cabinet of Punjab expected after PM visit
To The Point 9-Nov-20
To The Point
Reasons behind the return of Jehangir Khan Tareen?
Face to Face 21-Aug-20
Face to Face
Incompetent opposition could not challenge the government in the last two years
Seedhi Baat With Beenish Saleem 18-Aug-20
Seedhi Baat With Beenish Saleem
Federal ministers claim the government is out of trouble now
Face to Face 13-Jun-20
Face to Face
Discussion on budget 2020-21, COVID19 and PM Khan different statements
Seedhi Baat With Beenish Saleem 28-Apr-20
Seedhi Baat With Beenish Saleem
Has COVID19 changed the whole scenario of the world?
To The Point 18-Feb-20
To The Point
Is scattered opposition in position to run any movement against the ruling party?
Khabarnaak 8-Feb-20
PMLN sitting MNA along with dummy of Faiz Ul Hassan Chohan exclusive guests in today show.
DNA 25-Dec-19
Pakistan of Quaid-e-Azam & today political scenario
To The Point 23-Dec-19
To The Point
Islamabad High court accepted bail request of Miftah Ismail, NAB arrested Ahsan Iqbal on the ot..
Face to Face 21-Dec-19
Face to Face
What is policy of PMLN on Musharraf death sentence
Live With Nasrullah Malik 29-Nov-19
Live With Nasrullah Malik
Why PTI government was insisting for General Bajwa service extension?
DNA 20-Nov-19
PM Khan running away from accountability. Opposition Rahbar Committee
DNA 5-Nov-19
No success in meeting between opposition & government committees
Spot Light 2-Sep-19
Spot Light
PTI under pressure of writing off Rs 300 billion debts of big guns
Seedhi Baat With Beenish Saleem 31-Jul-19
Seedhi Baat With Beenish Saleem
Traders associations announced two days country wide strike after EID
Face to Face 29-Jun-19
Face to Face
Opposition demand of midterm election
Face to Face 24-May-19
Face to Face
Opposition caught by fear of across the board accountability
Seedhi Baat With Beenish Saleem 14-May-19
Seedhi Baat With Beenish Saleem
Tax amnesty scheme to declare hidden asset
Seedhi Baat With Beenish Saleem 22-Apr-19
Seedhi Baat With Beenish Saleem
Chaudhry Sarwar not happy over Imran Khan full support for Jehangir Khan Tareen.
Face to Face 20-Apr-19
Face to Face
Instead of bringing change in Pakistan PM Khan introduced big change in his federal cabinet
Tonight With Fareeha 15-Apr-19
Tonight With Fareeha
Voices of change in Punjab, protest of Hazara community
To The Point 14-Apr-19
To The Point
PTI internal issues in Punjab and in federal government as well.
Ikhtilaf-e-Raye (24 News HD) 14-Feb-19
Ikhtilaf-e-Raye (24 News HD)
LHC granted bail to Shahbaz Sharif in two cases
Ikhtilaf-e-Raye (24 News HD) 3-Jan-19
Ikhtilaf-e-Raye (24 News HD)
All assets of KKF freeze by supreme court, new JIT of Model Town incident
Mazaq Raat 30-Oct-18
Mazaq Raat
Young Members national assembly from PTI & PMLN are exclusive guests in today show.


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