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Agenda 360

Agenda 360

Anchor: Abdul Moiz Jaferii
Channel: Samaa TV
Duration: 35 m
Type: Political Analysis
Analyst: Haider Waheed

Agenda 360 Talk Show Program - All episodes
Agenda 360 18-Jan
Agenda 360
What is going on in the political scenario of Pakistan
Agenda 360 17-Jan
Agenda 360
PTI ministers needlessly criticizing Nawaz restaurant visit in London.
Agenda 360 10-Jan
Agenda 360
Inside story of PMLN London meeting and unconditional support for army act
Agenda 360 4-Jan
Agenda 360
Tension between Iran & America and army act amendment
Agenda 360 3-Jan
Agenda 360
Did PMLN narrative changed into theory of need
Agenda 360 28-Dec-19
Agenda 360
PTI government running state with presidential ordinance
Agenda 360 27-Dec-19
Agenda 360
Can Bilawal Bhutto replace Mohterma Benazir Bhutto?
Agenda 360 21-Dec-19
Agenda 360
Controversy after Pakistani PM took U Turn over participating in Malaysian summit
Agenda 360 20-Dec-19
Agenda 360
Was whole legal procedure followed in Musharraf?
Agenda 360 14-Dec-19
Agenda 360
PPP getting relief from courts after PMLN
Agenda 360 13-Dec-19
Agenda 360
Civil, military business is not as usual, lawyers attack on PIC
Agenda 360 7-Dec-19
Agenda 360
Discussion on current political scenario of Pakistan
Agenda 360 30-Nov-19
Agenda 360
Current political scenario of Pakistan and bad governance in Punjab
Agenda 360 23-Nov-19
Agenda 360
Did PM Khan rejected all reports of medical board formed by his own government?
Agenda 360 22-Nov-19
Agenda 360
Dirty politics on Nawaz health despite his departure
Agenda 360 15-Nov-19
Agenda 360
Who is responsible for delay in Nawaz abroad departure
Agenda 360 9-Nov-19
Agenda 360
Saeed Ghani big allegation on Chairman NAB
Agenda 360 8-Nov-19
Agenda 360
Voices of deal increased after Nawaz shifting to Jati Umra
Agenda 360 2-Nov-19
Agenda 360
Opposition firmed on its stance of PM Khan resignation
Agenda 360 1-Nov-19
Agenda 360
Impressive show by Maulana, Serious trouble for PTI government
Agenda 360 26-Oct-19
Agenda 360
What impact Nawaz bail will put on country politics
Agenda 360 19-Oct-19
Agenda 360
Sheikh Rashid Ahmed last warning to opposition
Agenda 360 18-Oct-19
Agenda 360
PTi trying to engage Maulana before Azadi March
Agenda 360 12-Oct-19
Agenda 360
Why Shahbaz Sharif distancing from Maulana Azadi march?
Agenda 360 11-Oct-19
Agenda 360
Why Shahbaz not taking line of Nawaz Sharif?
Agenda 360 5-Oct-19
Agenda 360
Discussion on current political scenario of Pakistan
Agenda 360 4-Oct-19
Agenda 360
Discussion on Maulana Fazal long march
Agenda 360 28-Sep-19
Agenda 360
How world is responding PM Khan speech in united nation?
Agenda 360 13-Sep-19
Agenda 360
Buzdar performance & removal of Shahbaz Gill
Agenda 360 7-Sep-19
Agenda 360
We will fight till the last breathe for the sake of our Kashmiri brothers & sisters. Army Chief
Agenda 360 6-Sep-19
Agenda 360
Clear division in PMLN on the issue of deal
Agenda 360 31-Aug-19
Agenda 360
Government official can be bailed if NAB is failed to complete investigation against him in 3 m..
Agenda 360 30-Aug-19
Agenda 360
PMLN in more trouble as PTI government removed trial court judges
Agenda 360 24-Aug-19
Agenda 360
Garbage every where in Karachi, Kashmir dispute and world community
Agenda 360 23-Aug-19
Agenda 360
Misconduct of judge Arshad Malik proved. Supreme Court
Agenda 360 10-Aug-19
Agenda 360
Bad governance of Sindh government in Karachi
Agenda 360 9-Aug-19
Agenda 360
Bilawal reaction on Maryam Nawaz arrest, Facts about LNG deal case
Agenda 360 3-Aug-19
Agenda 360
Opposition disappointed after senate defeat
Agenda 360 2-Aug-19
Agenda 360
Opposition failed attempt to remove chairman senate
Agenda 360 27-Jul-19
Agenda 360
Another Indian conspiracy against Pakistan exposed
Agenda 360 26-Jul-19
Agenda 360
Opposition big rallies in all provincial capitals, PM Khan speeches in US
Agenda 360 19-Jul-19
Agenda 360
Maryam Nawaz put new life in PMLN after Nawaz jail
Agenda 360 13-Jul-19
Agenda 360
Traders on strike on high rate of taxes
Agenda 360 12-Jul-19
Agenda 360
Judge Arshad Malik Affidavit rejected all allegations of PMLN
Agenda 360 6-Jul-19
Agenda 360
Maryam Nawaz press conference opened new Pandora box
Agenda 360 5-Jul-19
Agenda 360
Opposition Rahbar Committee big announcement
Agenda 360 29-Jun-19
Agenda 360
Opposition vs ruling party & worst economic scenario of Pakistan
Agenda 360 28-Jun-19
Agenda 360
National assembly approved finance bill 2019-20


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