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Adil Abbasi

Adil Abbasi

Address: Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory
Profession: Anchor
Affiliation: ARY News

Adil Abbasi's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Kal Tak 5-Jan
Kal Tak
Who ever are involved in attack on me I know them all. Imran Khan
G For Gharida 15-Dec-22
G For Gharida
What is the Plan of the PDM government to overcome the current economic crisis
Aitraaz Hai 13-Nov-22
Aitraaz Hai
The coalition government has decided not to talk with Imran Khan.
Aitraaz Hai 30-Oct-22
Aitraaz Hai
Discussion on the PTI long march
Aitraaz Hai 15-Oct-22
Aitraaz Hai
Is America putting pressure on Pakistan in reference to China
Aitraaz Hai 14-Oct-22
Aitraaz Hai
How much confident the PDM government is before the by-poll?
Aitraaz Hai 9-Oct-22
Aitraaz Hai
The real issues of Pakistan are being ignored due to politics
Aitraaz Hai 7-Oct-22
Aitraaz Hai
The government is ready to challenge PTI long march
Kal Tak 4-Oct-22
Kal Tak
Why Imran Khan delaying his final call for a long march?
Aitraaz Hai 2-Oct-22
Aitraaz Hai
Discussion on the issue of the US Cipher and PTI long march
Aitraaz Hai 1-Oct-22
Aitraaz Hai
Cipher drama, audio leaks and NAB cases.
Aitraaz Hai 25-Sep-22
Aitraaz Hai
Who is behind alleged audio leaks of PM house?
Aitraaz Hai 23-Sep-22
Aitraaz Hai
Political polarization is rising in Pakistan.
Aitraaz Hai 18-Sep-22
Aitraaz Hai
What decided in meeting between PM Shahbaz and Nawaz Sharif in London?
Aitraaz Hai 17-Sep-22
Aitraaz Hai
Imran Khan is using a soft & harsh tone to get his demands accepted.
Aitraaz Hai 16-Sep-22
Aitraaz Hai
Bad economy and natural disaster.
Aitraaz Hai 9-Sep-22
Aitraaz Hai
Secretary General of UN is in Pakistan and other issues
Aitraaz Hai 4-Sep-22
Aitraaz Hai
The impact of climate change in Pakistan.
Aitraaz Hai 3-Sep-22
Aitraaz Hai
Sindh government vs PTI, IMF deal and inflation
Aitraaz Hai 2-Sep-22
Aitraaz Hai
Flood destruction and storm of inflation.
Aitraaz Hai 27-Aug-22
Aitraaz Hai
Politics of revenge and terrible flood
Aitraaz Hai 26-Aug-22
Aitraaz Hai
National emergency announced after the unprecedented flood.
Aitraaz Hai 21-Aug-22
Aitraaz Hai
How to cooldown things between the government and the opposition.
Aitraaz Hai 19-Aug-22
Aitraaz Hai
PMLN leaders arrest warrant in Punjab, Shahbaz Gill case
Kal Tak 18-Aug-22
Kal Tak
Is statement of Imran Khan really a warning for the establishment?
PM Shahbaz Addressing the Nation 13-Aug-22
PM Shahbaz Addressing the Nation
PM Shahbaz Sharif addressing the nationa
Aitraaz Hai 7-Aug-22
Aitraaz Hai
Discussion on the ECP judgment and action from the coalition government.
Aitraaz Hai 6-Aug-22
Aitraaz Hai
Troubles for PTI is being increased day by day.
Aitraaz Hai 5-Aug-22
Aitraaz Hai
Exclusive discussion with Asad Umar of PTI
Aitraaz Hai 31-Jul-22
Aitraaz Hai
Inflation and the US dollar are out of control.
Aitraaz Hai 30-Jul-22
Aitraaz Hai
These is a big confusion among the coalition parties regarding fresh election.
Aitraaz Hai 29-Jul-22
Aitraaz Hai
Does PTI want fresh election only for the national assembly?
Aitraaz Hai 24-Jul-22
Aitraaz Hai
Allied government targeting supreme court blatantly
Aitraaz Hai 23-Jul-22
Aitraaz Hai
What is the solution to the current political crisis?
Aitraaz Hai 3-Jul-22
Aitraaz Hai
High rate of inflation and the performance of the coalition government.
Aitraaz Hai 1-Jul-22
Aitraaz Hai
Discussion on the Supreme Court verdict about re-poll for CM election in Punjab
Aitraaz Hai 26-Jun-22
Aitraaz Hai
PTI vs PDM in the Sindh local body election.
Aitraaz Hai 25-Jun-22
Aitraaz Hai
Imran Khan announced protest against super tax
Aitraaz Hai 24-Jun-22
Aitraaz Hai
How super tax will affect poor in Pakistan?
Aitraaz Hai 19-Jun-22
Aitraaz Hai
PTI protest over the current petrol prices hike
Aitraaz Hai 18-Jun-22
Aitraaz Hai
Discussion on the call of Imran Khan for protest against inflation.
Aitraaz Hai 17-Jun-22
Aitraaz Hai
Petty politics on the issue of economy
Aitraaz Hai 12-Jun-22
Aitraaz Hai
Discussion on inflation and political victimization.
Aitraaz Hai 11-Jun-22
Aitraaz Hai
Inflation will be on rise after budget 2022-23
Aitraaz Hai 5-Jun-22
Aitraaz Hai
President Alvi objected on the NAB amendment bill
Aitraaz Hai 3-Jun-22
Aitraaz Hai
Why is not Pakistan buying OIL from Russia?
Aitraaz Hai 29-May-22
Aitraaz Hai
PMLN jalsa in Mansehra, Discussion on the economic crisis.
Aitraaz Hai 27-May-22
Aitraaz Hai
Big increase in the petroleum products and Imran Khan deadline to the government.


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