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Absa Komal

Absa Komal

Address: Karachi, Sindh
Profession: Anchor
Affiliation: Geo News

Absa Komal's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
News Eye Friday
News Eye
War of narratives in PMLN, Maryam Nawaz clearly opposed Shahbaz agenda.
News Eye Thursday
News Eye
Indian conspiracy against Pakistan cricket.
News Eye Wednesday
News Eye
Traders are on protest against the new tax ordinance
News Eye Tuesday
News Eye
Why is Tik Tok banned in Pakistan? Students on protest against Pakistan Medical Commission
News Eye Monday
News Eye
State Bank of Pakistan announced a new monetary policy.
News Eye Monday
News Eye
State Bank of Pakistan announced a new monetary policy.
News Eye 17-Sep
News Eye
Is Pakistan being punished for supporting the Taliban government?
News Eye 16-Sep
News Eye
Discussion on the current situation in Afghanistan
News Eye 15-Sep
News Eye
ECP rejected the use f EVM in the next election
News Eye 14-Sep
News Eye
What challenges ahead of new chairman PCB
News Eye 13-Sep
News Eye
Journalists & media personnel sit-in outside the Parliament house.
News Eye 10-Sep
News Eye
Has the ECP really taken money from the opposition?
News Eye 8-Sep
News Eye
Taliban announced their interim cabinet and reaction from the world.
News Eye 7-Sep
News Eye
Taliban announced new government in Afghanistan.
News Eye 6-Sep
News Eye
Taliban are facing economic, security and law & order type of issues.
News Eye 3-Sep
News Eye
Will the allegations of rigging die with the use of EVM in the next election?
News Eye 1-Sep
News Eye
Why Pakistan is going down in the world freedom of speech index.
News Eye 31-Aug
News Eye
What would be the future of Afghanistan after the US evacuation?
News Eye 30-Aug
News Eye
Will the PDM really march toward Islamabad?
News Eye 27-Aug
News Eye
Physical abuse against women and the role of digital media.
News Eye 26-Aug
News Eye
3 years performance review of the PTI government
News Eye 25-Aug
News Eye
Journalist community protesting against media development authority.
News Eye 24-Aug
News Eye
Will the government call a joint session of the parliament on the issue of Afghanistan?
News Eye 23-Aug
News Eye
Clashes between northern alliance and Taliban
News Eye 20-Aug
News Eye
Quickly changing scenario of Afghanistan
News Eye 17-Aug
News Eye
Taliban yet to announce their future acition plan
News Eye 16-Aug
News Eye
What will be the next strategy of Pakistan regarding situation in Afghanistan?
News Eye 13-Aug
News Eye
Discussion on the situation in Afghanistan
News Eye 11-Aug
News Eye
How effective the PDM is without PPP?
News Eye 10-Aug
News Eye
Exclusive discussion wtih Pakistan Ambassador in Afghanistan.
News Eye 9-Aug
News Eye
Is journalism independent in Pakistan?
News Eye 6-Aug
News Eye
Exclusive discussion with former PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi
News Eye 5-Aug
News Eye
Discussion on the Corona lockdown in Sindh & Kashmir solidarity day.
News Eye 4-Aug
News Eye
Is there any chance of reconcilation between the govt and the opposition.
News Eye 3-Aug
News Eye
Special show with Effecties of urban flooding in Islamabad.
News Eye 30-Jul
News Eye
Worst performance of Pakistan in the Tokyo Olympics
News Eye 29-Jul
News Eye
PPP feeling uncomfortable with PTI ambitions in Sindh
News Eye 28-Jul
News Eye
Corona cases are increasing rapidly in Karachi.
News Eye 27-Jul
News Eye
PMLN opened a new end in Azad Kashmir
News Eye 26-Jul
News Eye
Brutal murder of Noor Mukadam
News Eye 23-Jul
News Eye
Exclusive discussion with Qurrat Ul Ain Rizvi
News Eye 16-Jul
News Eye
Exclusive interview of spokesperson of Afghan Taliban.
News Eye 14-Jul
News Eye
No one talking on the real issues of the Kashmiri people.
News Eye 13-Jul
News Eye
Discussion on the rapidly changing scenario of Afghanistan.
Report Card 13-Jul
Report Card
Is Malala a hero for the children of Pakistan?
News Eye 12-Jul
News Eye
Does the US really want peace in Afghanistan?
Report Card 12-Jul
Report Card
Discussion on the future of Afghanistan.
News Eye 9-Jul
News Eye
Why Maryam Nawaz is silent on Bilawal statement?


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