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Absa Komal

Absa Komal

Address: Karachi, Sindh
Profession: Anchor
Affiliation: Geo News

Absa Komal's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
News Eye Monday
News Eye
Is PTI really standing behind Shahbaz Gill?
News Eye Friday
News Eye
Relationship between the establishment and PTI
News Eye 11-Aug
News Eye
Shahbaz Gill admitted statement against Pakistan Army.
News Eye 9-Aug
News Eye
Is Pakistan safe for women?
News Eye 5-Aug
News Eye
PTI under criticism after the judgment of ECP
News Eye 3-Aug
News Eye
Drone strike in Afghanistan and tension between the US & China.
News Eye 2-Aug
News Eye
How dangerous is the ECP judgment for Imran Khan?
News Eye 1-Aug
News Eye
PTI attack on Chief ECP, Flood in Baluchistan
News Eye 29-Jul
News Eye
Imran Khan got funds from many foreign countries including Israel.
News Eye 28-Jul
News Eye
PDM decided to take aggressive position against the judiciary.
News Eye 27-Jul
News Eye
Why did not the state TV show oath taking of new CM Punjab?
News Eye 21-Jul
News Eye
Election for CM Punjab and offers to PTI members.
News Eye 20-Jul
News Eye
Why does every time member of PTI change their loyalty?
News Eye 19-Jul
News Eye
Exclusive discussion with Sheikh Rashid Ahmed.
News Eye 18-Jul
News Eye
Imran Khan still attacking ECP after victory in the by-election.
News Eye 15-Jul
News Eye
The reality in Tayyaba Gul claims about her detention in PM house.
News Eye 14-Jul
News Eye
What does PTI want from the Establishment?
News Eye 13-Jul
News Eye
Can the government block NIC or Passport of PTI workers?
News Eye 12-Jul
News Eye
How much Pakistan ready to deal with climate change.
News Eye 8-Jul
News Eye
Will Imran Khan respond to allegations from Tayyaba Gul?
News Eye 7-Jul
News Eye
Fawad Chaudhry admission about fake drug case against Rana Sanaullah
News Eye 5-Jul
News Eye
Electricity relief in Punjab, Imran Khan warning to the establishment.
News Eye 4-Jul
News Eye
Did PTI really apologize to the US over malicious campaign
News Eye 1-Jul
News Eye
Imran Khan accepted Hamza Shahbaz as CM Punjab till July 22
News Eye 30-Jun
News Eye
Hamza Shahbaz will get legal cover as CM Punjab tomorrow.
News Eye 28-Jun
News Eye
Are the decisions of the coalition government being done somewhere else?
News Eye 23-Jun
News Eye
What are the challenges ahead of PTI candidates in Punjab by-poll?
News Eye 22-Jun
News Eye
An allegation of political engineering before by-poll in Punjab
News Eye 21-Jun
News Eye
Exclusive discussion with Shah Mehmood Qureshi
News Eye 17-Jun
News Eye
Is Pakistan going to out of the FATF greylist in OCTOBER?
News Eye 10-Jun
News Eye
Is there any relief for laypeople in the budget 2022-23?
News Eye 8-Jun
News Eye
Will PTI show flexibility to get on the table with the government?
News Eye 7-Jun
News Eye
PDM decided to contest by-poll in Punjab as a political alliance
News Eye 3-Jun
News Eye
Exclusive discussion with Ameer JI Sirajul Haq
News Eye 2-Jun
News Eye
Possible ban on Imran Khan after ant-state statements.
News Eye 1-Jun
News Eye
PAK delegation going to Afghanistan to talk with TTP
News Eye 31-May
News Eye
Can the government arrest Imran Khan before another long march?
News Eye 25-May
News Eye
Will PTI hold Jalsa or Sit-in?
News Eye 23-May
News Eye
Will the government use force against PTI long march?
News Eye 19-May
News Eye
Will the government complete its term or not?
News Eye 18-May
News Eye
Is there no option left but to go for a fresh election?
News Eye 17-May
News Eye
PMLN governments in Islamabad & Punjab are in danger.
In Focus 14-May
In Focus
What Decisions Were Made In London?
News Eye 11-May
News Eye
Does Imran Khan want to appoint his own army cheif?
News Eye 10-May
News Eye
Why PMLN getting together in London to take key decisions?
News Eye 6-May-22
News Eye
Is Imran Khan rightly defending Farrah Gogi?
News Eye 29-Apr-22
News Eye
Disrespect of Masjid-e-Nabvi PBUH in regard of political differences.
News Eye 28-Apr-22
News Eye
Will Farrah Khan face NAB inquiry?


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