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Absa Komal

Absa Komal

Address: Karachi, Sindh
Profession: Anchor
Affiliation: Geo News

Absa Komal's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
News Eye Friday
News Eye
PTI challenged Mohsin Naqvi appointment in SC, IMF ready to visit Pakistan
News Eye Thursday
News Eye
Does the PDM government not want to talk with Imran Khan?
News Eye Wednesday
News Eye
What is next after the arrest of FAwad Chaudhry?
News Eye Tuesday
News Eye
Will the PDM government be tagged as selected?
News Eye 20-Jan
News Eye
What would be the impact if Pakistan surrender before the IMF?
News Eye 19-Jan
News Eye
A new crisis could rise if ECP points caretakers in Punjab and KPK
News Eye 18-Jan
News Eye
Imran Khan hopeful for general election in April
News Eye 17-Jan
News Eye
Controversial results of local body election in Karachi
News Eye 16-Jan
News Eye
Has the narrative of Imran Khan losing popularity?
News Eye 13-Jan
News Eye
Defeat of the PDM in Punjab, Why did Sindh government postpone local body election?
News Eye 12-Jan
News Eye
When will Governor Punjab sign on the summary for the dissolution for the Punjab assembly
News Eye 11-Jan
News Eye
Is it right to use national institutions for the surveillance of parliamentarians?
News Eye 10-Jan
News Eye
What is the future of the Punjab assembly?
News Eye 9-Jan
News Eye
How successful the Geneva donors conference is?
News Eye 6-Jan
News Eye
Is Imran Khan putting the alliance with PMLQ on risk by demanding the dissolution of the Punjab..
News Eye 5-Jan
News Eye
Local body election controversy in Karachi, Will JI support technocrat setup?
News Eye 4-Jan
News Eye
The future of the PDM alliance after MQM Pakistan serious reservations
News Eye 3-Jan
News Eye
How true is the narrative of regime change caused economic destruction?
News Eye 2-Jan
News Eye
The PDM government in action to reconcile with the MQM Pakistan
News Eye 30-Dec-22
News Eye
What are the achievements and failures of Pakistan in 2022?
News Eye 29-Dec-22
News Eye
Does the PDM want to bring PTI back in the parliament?
News Eye 28-Dec-22
News Eye
Caretaker government could be prolong this time
News Eye 27-Dec-22
News Eye
Who is responsible for the new wave of terrorism in Pakistan?
News Eye 26-Dec-22
News Eye
What is going on in the mind of Imran Khan regarding the dissolution of the assemblies?
News Eye 20-Dec-22
News Eye
Asif Zardari in action, Next CM of Punjab will be from PPP
News Eye 16-Dec-22
News Eye
Imran Khan wants to dissolve the Punjab assembly whereas Chaudhry Pervez Elahi is thinking othe..
News Eye 14-Dec-22
News Eye
Two federal ministers meet President Alvi today
News Eye 13-Dec-22
News Eye
Shortage of Dollar and other issues related to the economic crisis
News Eye 12-Dec-22
News Eye
We did not take over the government for an early election. Shahbaz Sharif
News Eye 9-Dec-22
News Eye
Transparency International report on corruption perception in Pakistan.
News Eye 6-Dec-22
News Eye
FIR of Arshad Sharif murder case registered after Supreme Court suo moto
News Eye 5-Dec-22
News Eye
Is PMLQ trying to save the Punjab assembly?
News Eye 2-Dec-22
News Eye
Has Imran Khan taken U-Turn on the issue of the dissolution of the Punjab & KPK assemblies?
News Eye 1-Dec-22
News Eye
Imran Khan wants to change it to a presidential form of government rather than getting out of t..
News Eye 30-Nov-22
News Eye
What would be the policy of a new military leadership about TTP?
News Eye 29-Nov-22
News Eye
What would be the future of Punjab and KPK assembly?
News Eye 28-Nov-22
News Eye
A big surprise to the PDM government from Imran Khan
News Eye 25-Nov-22
News Eye
What would be the agenda of the PTI public rally in Rawalpindi?
News Eye 24-Nov-22
News Eye
Who would be the target of Imran Khan when he will arrive in Rawalpindi?
News Eye 23-Nov-22
News Eye
The last speech of army chief, future of the narrative of Imran Khan
News Eye 22-Nov-22
News Eye
After the US & establishment conspiracy, what would b the next narrative of Khan?
News Eye 18-Nov-22
News Eye
An appointment of a new army chief is still top agenda of Imran Khan
News Eye 16-Nov-22
News Eye
Will PTI bring the actual buyer of Toshakhana gifts in front of media?
News Eye 15-Nov-22
News Eye
Pakistan economy is at risk of default. Imran Khan
News Eye 10-Nov-22
News Eye
PTI long march on road again, what would be the outcome of it?
News Eye 9-Nov-22
News Eye
Imran Khan allegations on military establishment
News Eye 2-Nov-22
News Eye
Are the journalists safe in Pakistan? Imran Khan long march
News Eye 1-Nov-22
News Eye
Imran Khan can accept martial law due to his long march


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