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Absa Komal

Absa Komal

Address: Karachi, Sindh
Profession: Anchor
Affiliation: Geo News

Absa Komal's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
News Eye Wednesday
News Eye
Why did police use force against the protestors of MQM?
News Eye Tuesday
News Eye
Pakistan is more down in Corruption Perception Indix as per Transparency International.
News Eye Monday
News Eye
The resignation of Shahzad Akbar proves that the narrative of accountability failed.
News Eye 21-Jan
News Eye
The government itself is behind floating a debate on Presidential system.
News Eye 20-Jan
News Eye
Authorities failed to stop the Lahore blast despite threat alert.
News Eye 19-Jan
News Eye
Why is the government inviting the opposition for dialogue now?
News Eye 17-Jan
News Eye
The government claiming about PMLN deal and establishment denying any deal
News Eye 14-Jan
News Eye
Election will be held in 2023, Sharif & Zardari will ne no more part of Pakistani politics. She..
News Eye 13-Jan
News Eye
Internal differences of PTI exposed in the parliamentary meeting.
News Eye 12-Jan
News Eye
The government preparing to send Shahbaz Sharif in jail again?
News Eye 11-Jan
News Eye
Who was helping Shahrukh Jatoi in the Sindh government?
News Eye 10-Jan
News Eye
Why could not the government prevent people from going toward Murree?
News Eye 7-Jan
News Eye
PM Khan admitted failure in the accountability he promised
News Eye 6-Jan
News Eye
Who taps phone calls and makes it viral on social media?
News Eye 5-Jan
News Eye
If PTI did not commit any crime then why it use delay tactics in foreign funding cases?
News Eye 4-Jan
News Eye
The role of the government in the social issues.
News Eye 3-Jan
News Eye
How long further Nawaz Sharif can stay in the UK?
News Eye 30-Dec-21
News Eye
The clash between the opposition and the government in the national assembly.
News Eye 29-Dec-21
News Eye
How bigger challenge is to get the mini-budget pass?
News Eye 28-Dec-21
News Eye
Is there any danger to the government from the opposition?
News Eye 27-Dec-21
News Eye
Too many voices of deal, What is going on in the political scenario?
News Eye 24-Dec-21
News Eye
PM Khan dissolved all district organizations of the party.
News Eye 23-Dec-21
News Eye
Significance of Zardari statement under the current scenario
News Eye 22-Dec-21
News Eye
Would PTI be able to turn the table in its favor in the 2nd phase of KPK LG election?
News Eye 21-Dec-21
News Eye
People voted against PTI in local body election in anger
News Eye 20-Dec-21
News Eye
OIC summit and PTI downfall in the KPK local body election.
News Eye 17-Dec-21
News Eye
Pakistan to host foreign ministers of OIC conference.
News Eye 16-Dec-21
News Eye
50 years to fall of Dhaka, economy of Pakistan is behind Bangladesh
News Eye 15-Dec-21
News Eye
What is the basic demand of the people of Gwadr?
News Eye 13-Dec-21
News Eye
Alleged audio tape of speaker national assembly
News Eye 10-Dec-21
News Eye
It is now twice that Pakistan has said no to the US
News Eye 9-Dec-21
News Eye
Increased differences between PPP & PMLN
News Eye 8-Dec-21
News Eye
Police and judiciary are the most corrupt institution in Pakistan.
News Eye 7-Dec-21
News Eye
Is condemnation of Sialkot incident from Ulma enough?
News Eye 6-Dec-21
News Eye
Why do not people believe on rule of law?
News Eye 3-Dec-21
News Eye
Impatience in the society is increasing
News Eye 2-Dec-21
News Eye
Why did the opposition announce a buycott of national security meeting?
News Eye 1-Dec-21
News Eye
EVMs has once again become an issue between the Govt and ECP
News Eye 29-Nov-21
News Eye
An alleged audiotape of Maryam Nawaz, Allegations of buying votes in NA-133
News Eye 26-Nov-21
News Eye
Why does noit every government like criticism and freedom of media.
News Eye 25-Nov-21
News Eye
Leak audio of Saqib Nisar and division in PTI
News Eye 24-Nov-21
News Eye
Will Saqib Nisar respond to Maryam Nawaz questions?
News Eye 23-Nov-21
News Eye
Audio tape of Saqib Nisar and foreign funding for Asma Jehangir conference
News Eye 22-Nov-21
News Eye
Discussion on the repercussion of the leaked audio of Saqib Nisar
News Eye 19-Nov-21
News Eye
Voting rights to overseas Pakistanis, differences within the PTI on the issue of TLP
News Eye 18-Nov-21
News Eye
The opposition is afraid of EVM? What will be happen next?
News Eye 17-Nov-21
News Eye
The opposition could not challenge the governmetn in the joint session
News Eye 16-Nov-21
News Eye
Is the only PMLN maligning the national institutions?


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