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Aamir Zia

Profession: TV Anchor
Affiliation: Dunya News

Aamir Zia's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
On The Front 29-Aug
On The Front
Who & why does not want to see PTI chairman out of the jail?
Face to Face 25-Aug
Face to Face
Islamabad High Court adjourned Toshakhana case hearing till Monday.
On The Front 24-Aug
On The Front
We will examine in which condition the PTI Chairman has been kept in Attock jail. CJP
On The Front 15-Aug
On The Front
Is Nawaz Sharif really coming back to Pakistan? What is the future of the PTI chairman?
On The Front 1-Aug
On The Front
Big increase in the petrol prices, What is the future of PTI chairman in the Toshakhana case?
Dunya Kamran khan Ke Sath 18-Jul
Dunya Kamran khan Ke Sath
Corop commanders meeting and warning to the Afghan government.
On The Front 18-Jul
On The Front
Who suggested PTI chairman Imran Khan to confront with the army?
Siasat 12-Jul
Is the Government & the ECP serious to conduct election on time?
On The Front 10-Jul
On The Front
Green Pakistan is the initiative of the army chief, COAS says Pak economy will take off soon
Hum Dekhain Ge 10-Jul
Hum Dekhain Ge
How justified Maulana Fazal concerns over PPP & PMLN meetings in Dubai?
On The Front 6-Jul
On The Front
Nawaz Sharif acquittal in NAB case,Joint session of the parliament to condemn Sweden incident.
Siasat 3-Jul
Possible date for the election, Who would be the caretaker PM?
On The Front 26-Jun
On The Front
What is the message for SC in the press conference of DG ISPR?
G For Gharida 15-Jun
G For Gharida
A preparation to welcome Nawaz Sharif has begun
On The Front 8-Jun-23
On The Front
How would Life time disqualify Tareen to be able to lead a political party?
Live With Nasrullah Malik 3-Jun-23
Live With Nasrullah Malik
Discussion on the current political and economic crisis of Pakistan.
On The Front 30-May-23
On The Front
The Government vs Supreme Court, Imran Khan troubles and the future of a new election.
Mere Sawal 28-May-23
Mere Sawal
Rana Sanaullah press conference vs Imran Khan tweet. who is speaking truth?
On The Front 22-May-23
On The Front
Imran Khan is seeking help from the American Congress members
Sawal Awaam Ka 14-May-23
Sawal Awaam Ka
Protest outside Supreme Court, Tomorrow could be a bad day for the PDM government.
Mere Sawal 5-May-23
Mere Sawal
Danger of institutional collision, How to bring down the political temperature?
Siasat 2-May-23
The third round of negotiations between PTI and the PDM
Red Line With Syed Talat Hussain 25-Apr-23
Red Line With Syed Talat Hussain
The one-liner message of DG ISPR presser is Business as usual.
Meray Mutabiq 16-Apr-23
Meray Mutabiq
24 hours left to the Supreme Court deadline to the state bank.
Sawal Awaam Ka 9-Apr-23
Sawal Awaam Ka
Should an election be called as per the constitution or upon someone wish?
Mere Sawal 8-Apr-23
Mere Sawal
Has PM Shahbaz Sharif made mind for the disqualification?
Live With Nasrullah Malik 7-Apr-23
Live With Nasrullah Malik
Could the government deny implementing the Supreme Court order by using the parliament?
Mere Sawal 2-Apr-23
Mere Sawal
Boycott of a supreme court after the boycott of national assembly
Mere Sawal 24-Mar-23
Mere Sawal
Would the election be conducted in 2023? Is Imran Khan cursing himself over blunder?
G For Gharida 23-Mar-23
G For Gharida
One after one crisis in the political scenario of Pakistan
Power Politics 23-Feb-23
Power Politics
Supreme Court notices all political parties in election case.
Mere Sawal 12-Feb-23
Mere Sawal
Imran Khan intensified allegations against General Bajwa.
News Eye 10-Feb-23
News Eye
IMF mission went back, Has the deal done or not yet?
Red Line With Syed Talat Hussain 7-Feb-23
Red Line With Syed Talat Hussain
Imran Khan himself knows that he is going to be disqualified.
Off The Record 7-Feb-23
Off The Record
There is no real democracy in Pakistan? PDM government does not want election 90 days?
Mere Sawal 5-Feb-23
Mere Sawal
More possibility of political confrontation, Pervez Musharraf passed away.
Siasat 1-Feb-23
No relief for the poor, New wave of terrorism in Pakistan
Mere Sawal 21-Jan-23
Mere Sawal
Imran Khan admitted investing Shaukat Khanum funds in a housing scheme
Faisla Aap Ka 19-Jan-23
Faisla Aap Ka
What is the solution of the current problems of Pakistan?
Mere Sawal 7-Jan-23
Mere Sawal
Chaudhry Pervez Elahi is neither taking vote of confidence, nor gonna dissolve the assembly.
Red Line With Syed Talat Hussain 14-Dec-22
Red Line With Syed Talat Hussain
Imran Khan last deadline for the dissolution of Punjab & KPK assemblies
News Eye 25-Nov-22
News Eye
What would be the agenda of the PTI public rally in Rawalpindi?
Mere Sawal 19-Nov-22
Mere Sawal
Is Umar Farooq Zahoor claim about watch absolutely correct?
G For Gharida 17-Nov-22
G For Gharida
Who would be the new army chief of Pakistan?
Red Line With Syed Talat Hussain 10-Nov-22
Red Line With Syed Talat Hussain
Why does PM Shahbaz need to consult Nawaz Sharif in London?
Mere Sawal 5-Nov-22
Mere Sawal
Imran Khan has crossed many red lines, Fake video of Azam Swati family
Off The Record 1-Nov-22
Off The Record
Progress in the investigation of Arshad Sharif murder and PTI long march
Off The Record 19-Oct-22
Off The Record
What is the main agenda of backdoor talk between the establishment and Imran Khan?


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