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Aamir Ilyas Rana

Aamir Ilyas Rana

Address: Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory
Affiliation: Express News
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aamirilyas.rana

Aamir Ilyas Rana's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
On The Front Thursday
On The Front
Could the election still be delayed even after ECP has announced the schedule?
Experts Wednesday
PPP is worried about its political future. Is the election in 90 days only solution for the eco..
Experts 19-Sep
Tension between Canada & India, Did PMLN really rescue Pakistan from default?
On The Front 18-Sep
On The Front
New Chief Justice of Pakistan is ready to surrender his powers before the 3 member committee.
Experts 15-Sep
PPP complains about not being provided a level playing field.
Experts 13-Sep
The President vs the Election Commission of Pakistan
On The Front 12-Sep
On The Front
PTI chairman would be arrested in more cases as well. Nawaz Sharif is coming back
Experts 7-Sep
The market sbould be closed at 6 PM to save the electricity
Experts 6-Sep
Electricity theft is one of the major cause of heavy electricity bills.
Power Politics 5-Sep
Power Politics
Army Chief met with big businessmen to address their issues.
Experts 5-Sep
What is the reason hurdle in the release of Chaudhry Pervez Elahi?
On The Front 31-Aug
On The Front
Discussion on the proceeding of the Cypher case in the Attock jail.
Kal Tak 30-Aug
Kal Tak
Nawaz Sharif will never come back, The Cypher case
On The Front 16-Aug
On The Front
Shahbaz government has left baggage of unprecedented inflation rate behind.
On The Front 31-Jul
On The Front
Why does PMLN want delay in the general election? Is PMLN waiting for Nawaz Sharif return?
On The Front 24-Jul
On The Front
Under which law could Ishaq Dar become caretaker PM?
Dunya Kamran khan Ke Sath 18-Jul
Dunya Kamran khan Ke Sath
Corop commanders meeting and warning to the Afghan government.
On The Front 18-Jul
On The Front
Who suggested PTI chairman Imran Khan to confront with the army?
Experts 18-Jul
Will Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan be able to contest election?
Experts 12-Jul
Uncertainty about election despite PM Shahbaz Sharif statement about the dissolution of the ass..
Experts 11-Jul
Pakistan got 2 billion dollar financial support from the Saudi Arabia
Kal Tak 10-Jul
Kal Tak
Green Pakistan initiative and PTI chairman cases in courts
Power Politics 6-Jul
Power Politics
Would the election be held in time? what big could happen before the election?
Experts 6-Jul
Nawaz Sharif was politically victimized by the previous government. NAB court
Experts 5-Jul
Heavy rain in Lahore broke all records, NAB amendments
On The Front 4-Jul
On The Front
The new NAB ordinance will become trouble for the PDM itself.
Experts 4-Jul
The rate of inflation will be remained unchanged even after the IMF deal
Experts 3-Jul
Standby agreement between Pakistan and the IMF, PMLN future strategy.
On The Front 27-Jun
On The Front
Who is trying to rescue the culprits of the May 9 incidents?
Experts 27-Jun
Pakistan accepted all the conditions of the IMF, What is the reason for the delay now?
Kal Tak 26-Jun
Kal Tak
Big meeting between Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari, DG ISPR press conference.
Experts 26-Jun
Have all obstacles taken away in the return of Nawaz Sharif?
Experts 21-Jun
How much practical a new economic plan made by the civil-military.
On The Front 20-Jun
On The Front
The new chartered of economy, Can civil, military leadership decrease inflation?
Experts 20-Jun
Could PMLN afford to go in the election without Nawaz Sharif?
Experts 19-Jun
Political temperature is high before the next general election.
Experts 15-Jun-23
Karachi Mayor election and Jamat-e-Islami protest
Experts 14-Jun-23
The current system of Pakistan has collapsed, No one to give any solution.
On The Front 13-Jun-23
On The Front
PTI chairman confession before the JIT, He could not be able to provide evidence in the JIT.
Experts 13-Jun-23
Pakistan will take off again. Said by Finance Minister Ishaq Dar
Aapas Ki Baat 8-Jun-23
Aapas Ki Baat
PPP or PMLN in danger after the launching of Istehkam-e-Pakistan Party.
Experts 8-Jun-23
The PDM government failed to achieve all the targets regarding the economy.
On The Front 7-Jun-23
On The Front
Time has come to bring masterminds and architects of May 9 incidents. Pakistan Army
Kal Tak 7-Jun-23
Kal Tak
Lahore has become the center of national politics, Formation commanders meeting.
Experts 7-Jun-23
A strict position of military leadership on May 9 incidents.
Experts 6-Jun-23
The election could possibly be delayed, What is the next plan of the government?
Experts 5-Jun-23
Judicial relief to PTI leaders due to weak prosecution
Experts 31-May-23
The core issues of the people are being ignored due to petty politics


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