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92 At 8

92 At 8

Anchor: Saadia Afzaal
Channel: 92 News
Duration: 43 m
Type: Debates

92 At 8 Talk Show Program - All episodes
92 At 8 26-Jan
92 At 8
Exclusive discussion with caretaker PM Anwaar Ul Haq.
92 At 8 21-Oct-23
92 At 8
Nawaz Sharif back in the politics of after 4 years exile
92 At 8 1-Oct-23
92 At 8
Snowfall in January could cause a delay in the election.
92 At 8 15-Sep-23
92 At 8
What is the real solution of PIA troubles? Is the caretaker Govt going to privatize PIA?
92 At 8 10-Sep-23
92 At 8
When would a cross-border attack be stopped? Will Pakistan take military action?
92 At 8 5-Aug-23
92 At 8
PTI Chairman has been disqualified for 5 year after the conviction.
92 At 8 4-Aug-23
92 At 8
Why is the PTI chairman worried over daily basis trials in the session court?
92 At 8 2-Jul-23
92 At 8
Is seat adjustment possible among the government allies?
92 At 8 1-Jul-23
92 At 8
Would the value of the US Dollar come down after the new IMF deal?
92 At 8 24-Jun-23
92 At 8
Would a general election be held in time or still chance of delay exists?
92 At 8 23-Jun-23
92 At 8
Justice Tariq Masood and Justice Qazi Faez quit the 9 members bench
92 At 8 18-Jun-23
92 At 8
Why are objections being raised on the formation a military courts?
92 At 8 17-Jun-23
92 At 8
Too many questions on the authenticity of Mayor Karachi election.
92 At 8 16-Jun-23
92 At 8
How alarming Jamat-e-Islami protest is for PPP after the Karachi Mayor Election?
92 At 8 11-Jun-23
92 At 8
All the culprits of May will have to face the court of law
92 At 8 10-Jun-23
92 At 8
What would be the impact of the budget 2023-24 on layman?
92 At 8 9-Jun-23
92 At 8
Huge relief for the IT sector in the budget 2023-24
92 At 8 4-Jun-23
92 At 8
Exclusive talk with Governor Sindh Kamran Tessori.
92 At 8 3-Jun-23
92 At 8
Crime ratio increased in Islamabad, An incident of honor killing in G-11
92 At 8 2-Jun-23
92 At 8
Is PTI going to be banned soon? What is the next plan of the government?
92 At 8 28-May-23
92 At 8
The politics of Imran Khan is a heap of contradictions
92 At 8 27-May-23
92 At 8
Imran Khan is now offering a dialogue to everyone. Why did he not show flexibility before?
92 At 8 26-May-23
92 At 8
Discussion on the political future of Imran Khan and his party.
92 At 8 21-May-23
92 At 8
Would the judicial commission be able to find facts about audio leaks?
92 At 8 20-May-23
92 At 8
Imran Khan is seeking help from the US nowadays after putting allegation of conspiring the regi..
92 At 8 12-May-23
92 At 8
Collision among the national institutions, Is the Govt considering imposing an Emergency?
92 At 8 7-May-23
92 At 8
Is the Government in the mood for the election if the dialogue is failed?
92 At 8 6-May-23
92 At 8
Political leadership is making the institutions controversial for their petty interest.
92 At 8 5-May-23
92 At 8
Will PTI and the PDM agree on the election date?
92 At 8 30-Apr-23
92 At 8
Both the government and PTI are not ready to trust on each other
92 At 8 28-Apr-23
92 At 8
3 demands of PTI, the Government is not fully sincere in the dialogue
92 At 8 16-Apr-23
92 At 8
Modi plan to malign Pakistan exposed
92 At 8 9-Apr-23
92 At 8
Will the ally parties support PMLN in the confrontation with the judiciary?
92 At 8 8-Apr-23
92 At 8
More less chance of election in KPK & Punjab after open division in the supreme court.
92 At 8 2-Apr-23
92 At 8
Exclusive discussion with former PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi
92 At 8 1-Apr-23
92 At 8
Constitutional crisis took over the political crisis
92 At 8 26-Mar-23
92 At 8
Why is not the PDM government conducting election in Punjab?
92 At 8 25-Mar-23
92 At 8
Political polarization reached its peak after the ECP verdict.
92 At 8 24-Mar-23
92 At 8
The future of political stability after ECP verdict
92 At 8 5-Mar-23
92 At 8
Exclusive show from North Waziristan
92 At 8 4-Mar-23
92 At 8
What would be the strategy of the PDM after the election announcement in Punjab?
92 At 8 3-Mar-23
92 At 8
What would be the PDM strategy after the election schedule in Punjab?
92 At 8 26-Feb-23
92 At 8
How justified is the PDM demand for a full court bench to hear election cases?
92 At 8 24-Feb-23
92 At 8
New confrontation between the Supreme Court and the PDM
92 At 8 19-Feb-23
92 At 8
Can President Alvi dictate ECP for election? Jail Bharo movement.
92 At 8 18-Feb-23
92 At 8
How productive Jail Bharo campaign would be? The economy of Pakistan
92 At 8 17-Feb-23
92 At 8
Political ambitions of PTI and Jail Bharo movement
92 At 8 12-Feb-23
92 At 8
After PPP, Maryam Nawaz also willing to contest by-poll


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