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11th Hour

11th Hour

Anchor: Waseem Badami
Channel: ARY News
Duration: 45 m
Type: Talk Show

11th Hour Talk Show Program - All episodes
11th Hour 14-Feb-24
11th Hour
Exclusive discussion with PTI leader Ali Muhammad khan
11th Hour 13-Feb-24
11th Hour
PPP decided to support PMLN candidate for PM after PTI refused to sit with them.
11th Hour 30-Jan-24
11th Hour
PTI announced to challenge special court judgement in the Cypher case.
11th Hour 29-Jan-24
11th Hour
Irani foreign minister in Pakistan, Importing hearing in SC
11th Hour 25-Jan-24
11th Hour
Indian state-owned terrorism in Pakistan, The politics of 90s back in Punjab.
11th Hour 3-Oct-23
11th Hour
What are the reasons that could cause a delay election?
11th Hour 16-Aug-23
11th Hour
Why there is confustion about the election? Wahab Riaz announced retirement from cricket.
11th Hour 17-Jul-23
11th Hour
How bigger challeng Pervez Khattak PTI parliamentarians is for Imran Khan?
11th Hour 15-Jun-23
11th Hour
Is Jamat-e-Islami rightly alleging PPP for rigging in the Karachi Mayor election?
11th Hour 13-Jun-23
11th Hour
When will Nawaz Sharif come back? Cyclone Biparjoy and other issues.
11th Hour 6-Jun-23
11th Hour
The current assembly would be dissolved after two months, and An election for Mayor Karachi.
11th Hour 5-Apr-23
11th Hour
The government is calling meeting after meeting, How will the Parliament react?
11th Hour 4-Apr-23
11th Hour
The constitutional crisis deepened after the judgment of SC
11th Hour 21-Mar-23
11th Hour
Is transparent election possible under the current political scenario?
11th Hour 8-Feb-23
11th Hour
Still no relief for Sheikh Rasheed, IHC will hear an important case tomorrow
11th Hour 7-Feb-23
11th Hour
What is the counter strategy the PDM has to deal with the Jail Bharo movement of Imran Khan?
11th Hour 6-Feb-23
11th Hour
Maryam Nawaz challenged Imran Khan to launch Jail Bharo movement.
11th Hour 2-Feb-23
11th Hour
Imran Khan inked a letter to President Arif Alvi
11th Hour 1-Feb-23
11th Hour
Talks between Pakistan and IMF, future of election in KPK & Punjab
11th Hour 30-Jan-23
11th Hour
Who is behind the suicide attack on the police line, in Peshawar
11th Hour 27-Jan-23
11th Hour
Planning to assassinate Imran Khan and Plan A,B and now C
11th Hour 25-Jan-23
11th Hour
PTI leader Fawad Chaudhry arrested over criticizing election commission
11th Hour 24-Jan-23
11th Hour
Can Supreme Court take up caretaker CM Punjab appointment case?
11th Hour 23-Jan-23
11th Hour
Why are Punjab and KPK governors not giving date for election?
11th Hour 20-Jan-23
11th Hour
Exclusive discussion with Fawad Chaudhry
11th Hour 19-Jan-23
11th Hour
Who is responsible for the worst economic condition?
11th Hour 18-Jan-23
11th Hour
A possibility of Imran Khan arrest and disqualification.
11th Hour 17-Jan-23
11th Hour
KPK assembly dissolved, JI and PTI rejected results of Karachi local body election results
11th Hour 13-Jan-23
11th Hour
Exclusive discussion with Sheikh Rashid Ahmed
11th Hour 12-Jan-23
11th Hour
What is the future of the PDM government in Islamabad after the dissolution of KPK, Punjab asse..
11th Hour 11-Jan-23
11th Hour
Pervez Elahi to take vote of confidence tonight
11th Hour 10-Jan-23
11th Hour
Troubles of the PDM government, Horse trading in Punjab
11th Hour 9-Jan-23
11th Hour
Exclusive discussion with PSP chairman Mustafa Kamal
11th Hour 29-Dec-22
11th Hour
Big political development in Karachi.
11th Hour 28-Dec-22
11th Hour
Why are rumors about technocrat setup being surfaced?
11th Hour 27-Dec-22
11th Hour
What PPP is planning to reduce PTI popularity in Karachi?
11th Hour 26-Dec-22
11th Hour
Imran Khan is seeking an early election on the basis of bad economy.
11th Hour 21-Dec-22
11th Hour
Governor Punjab vs CM Punjab and rest of PTI
11th Hour 20-Dec-22
11th Hour
Discussion on the political & constitutional crisis in Punjab
11th Hour 19-Dec-22
11th Hour
PDM submitted vote of no-confidence against CM Punjab, Speaker and Deputy Speaker Punjab
11th Hour 15-Dec-22
11th Hour
Exclusive discussion with former finance minister Miftah Ismail.
11th Hour 14-Dec-22
11th Hour
Exclusive interview of Sheikh Rashid Ahmed
11th Hour 13-Dec-22
11th Hour
Is Pakistan heading toward bankruptcy? Economic analysts are showing serious concerns.
11th Hour 12-Dec-22
11th Hour
Dissolution of the assemblies or collective resignations
11th Hour 7-Dec-22
11th Hour
What would be the future political scenario of Pakistan?
11th Hour 6-Dec-22
11th Hour
Finally supreme court took suo moto of Arshad Sharif murder case
11th Hour 5-Dec-22
11th Hour
Discussion on the possibility of an early election.
11th Hour 2-Dec-22
11th Hour
Exclusive discussion with Sheikh Rashid Ahmed


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