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11th Hour

11th Hour

Anchor: Waseem Badami
Channel: ARY News
Duration: 45 m
Type: Talk Show

11th Hour Talk Show Program - All episodes
11th Hour Wednesday
11th Hour
Cypher narrative exposed after leaked audio of Imran Khan
11th Hour Monday
11th Hour
Exclusive discussion with Sheikh Rashid Ahmed.
11th Hour 21-Sep
11th Hour
Imran Khan long march vs the government strategy.
11th Hour 20-Sep
11th Hour
Is MQM Pakistan considering quitting the coalition government?
11th Hour 19-Sep
11th Hour
Possible final call of Imran Khan and Toshakhana case.
11th Hour 15-Sep
11th Hour
ARY News again off-aired, What is the solution of the current political instability.
11th Hour 14-Sep
11th Hour
Is the Punjab government really in danger?
11th Hour 13-Sep
11th Hour
Is PTI ready to take soft line to sit together with the government?
11th Hour 9-Sep
11th Hour
The trouble of Imran Khan is not gonna end
11th Hour 7-Sep
11th Hour
I always speak in favor of the Army & Judiciary. Imran Khan
11th Hour 6-Sep
11th Hour
A new trouble of Imran Khan due to his controversial statement.
11th Hour 6-Sep
11th Hour
PDM active to dislodge Pervez Elahi government in Punjab?
11th Hour 1-Sep
11th Hour
23rd day of ban on ARY News
11th Hour 31-Aug
11th Hour
Contempt case, devastating floods and other issues.
11th Hour 30-Aug
11th Hour
Is IMF deal enough for the betterment of Pakistan economy?
11th Hour 25-Aug
11th Hour
Flood devastation and cases against Imran Khan
11th Hour 24-Aug
11th Hour
Life has been destroyed due to the devastating floods.
11th Hour 23-Aug
11th Hour
PFUJ on protest against ban on ARY News, Cases against Imran Khan
11th Hour 17-Aug
11th Hour
Why petrol prices is increasing in Pakistan?
11th Hour 16-Aug
11th Hour
ARY News is still banned. Possible return of Nawaz Sharif.
11th Hour 11-Aug
11th Hour
ARY News off aired, Police crackdown against media workers.
11th Hour 10-Aug
11th Hour
An arrest of director news ARY Ammad Yousuf
11th Hour 2-Aug
11th Hour
Has PTI rightly rejected the ECP judgment?
11th Hour 27-Jul
11th Hour
PTI celebrating a thanks day after getting back in power in Punjab.
11th Hour 26-Jul
11th Hour
Chaudhry Pervez Elahi declared CM Punjab by Supreme Court.
11th Hour 25-Jul
11th Hour
What would happen next after the PDM buycott supreme court proceeding?
11th Hour 21-Jul
11th Hour
Is game still in the hand of Imran Khan?
11th Hour 20-Jul
11th Hour
How to protect the government in Punjab the coalition government is in the hurdle.
11th Hour 19-Jul
11th Hour
Exclusive discussion with Fawad Chaudhry.
11th Hour 23-Jun
11th Hour
Shocking results of by-poll in Karachi.
11th Hour 22-Jun
11th Hour
PTI to challenge NAB amendments in Supreme Court.
11th Hour 20-Jun-22
11th Hour
Next strategy of PTI and President Arif Alvi new action
11th Hour 15-Jun-22
11th Hour
PTI insisting on conspiracy behind Khan ouster
11th Hour 14-Jun-22
11th Hour
Future of a long march of Imran Khan
11th Hour 13-Jun-22
11th Hour
Did the Shahbaz government surrender before IMF?
11th Hour 8-Jun-22
11th Hour
Talking with the people of Karachi on the issue of inflation
11th Hour 6-Jun-22
11th Hour
What is the position of PTI on the issue of resignation?
11th Hour 30-May-22
11th Hour
The government has decided to accept PTI resignations
11th Hour 26-May-22
11th Hour
Could Imran Khan gather 2 million people after 6 days?
11th Hour 7-Apr-22
11th Hour
Supreme court verdict and future scenario
11th Hour 5-Apr-22
11th Hour
Exclusive interview of Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi
11th Hour 4-Apr-22
11th Hour
Tensed political situation after PM Khan dissolved the national assembly
11th Hour 29-Mar-22
11th Hour
A secret threatening letter to PM and the vote of no-confidence.
11th Hour 21-Mar-22
11th Hour
Confusion on the disgruntled members of the PTI
11th Hour 16-Mar-22
11th Hour
The vote of no-confidence and voices of horse-trading.
11th Hour 14-Mar-22
11th Hour
Ally parties are yet to decide their support in the vote of no-confidence.
11th Hour 3-Mar-22
11th Hour
Is the PTI government going to home?
11th Hour 2-Mar-22
11th Hour
PM Khan meeting his allies, Opposition claiming numbers for the vote of no-confidence.


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