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11th Hour

11th Hour

Anchor: Waseem Badami
Channel: ARY News
Duration: 45 m
Type: Talk Show

11th Hour Talk Show Program - All episodes
11th Hour Thursday
11th Hour
Interesting chit chat with cricketer Shoaib Malik
11th Hour Monday
11th Hour
Why ministers are talking about dissolving the national assembly
11th Hour 5-May
11th Hour
Claims of economic growth & bringing change
11th Hour 4-May
11th Hour
Discussion on the issues of inflation, bad governance and rigging allegations
11th Hour 3-May
11th Hour
Allegations of rigging on NA-249 by-election
11th Hour 29-Apr
11th Hour
Is the PDM still in a position to give the government surprise?
11th Hour 28-Apr
11th Hour
Changes in the PDM offices, Repoll in NA-249 and other issues.
11th Hour 27-Apr
11th Hour
Discussion on the PDM future without PPP & Awani National Party.
11th Hour 26-Apr
11th Hour
Discussion on the 3rd wave of Corona Virus in Pakistan.
11th Hour 22-Apr
11th Hour
The government failed to control sugar prices.
11th Hour 20-Apr
11th Hour
Discussion on the proceeding of the national assembly.
11th Hour 19-Apr
11th Hour
Shahbaz Sharif bail delayed due to differences between the two judges.
11th Hour 15-Apr
11th Hour
Discussion with former PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi
11th Hour 14-Apr
11th Hour
Shahbaz Sharif bail creating perception of a deal.
11th Hour 13-Apr
11th Hour
Maulana gives another chance to PPP & ANP to rejoin the PDM
11th Hour 12-Apr
11th Hour
PDM finished after Bilawal Bhutto press conference
11th Hour 8-Apr
11th Hour
A new alliance between PPP & ANP is being established
11th Hour 5-Apr
11th Hour
Division in the opposition helping the PTI government to rearrange itself
11th Hour 1-Apr
11th Hour
Exclusive discussion with Sheikh Rashid Ahmed.
11th Hour 31-Mar
11th Hour
Differences within the PDM & trade with India.
11th Hour 30-Mar
11th Hour
The current situation in the PDM after setbacks given by the PPP
11th Hour 29-Mar
11th Hour
Hafeez Sheikh out, Hammad Azhar in, President Alvi tested positive for Corona.
11th Hour 25-Mar
11th Hour
NAB and the Punjab government surrendered before PMLN
11th Hour 24-Mar
11th Hour
Has a ceasefire done between the PPP & PMLN?
11th Hour 23-Mar
11th Hour
Discussion on the rift between two major parties of the opposition
11th Hour 18-Mar
11th Hour
Which party has right to nominate the opposition leader in the senate?
11th Hour 17-Mar
11th Hour
Maulana targets PPP leadership, Scattered PDM is in favor of the government.
11th Hour 16-Mar
11th Hour
Distance is increasing between the PPP & PMLN
11th Hour 11-Mar
11th Hour
Who will win the Chairman senate election?
11th Hour 10-Mar
11th Hour
Discussion on the chairman senate election.
11th Hour 9-Mar
11th Hour
PTI is desperate to disqualify Gilani from the ECP
11th Hour 8-Mar
11th Hour
Discussion on the election of the Chairman Senate.
11th Hour 18-Feb
11th Hour
Discussion on the senate election and by-elections
11th Hour 17-Feb
11th Hour
Discussion on the upcoming senate election
11th Hour 16-Feb
11th Hour
Reservations within the PTI on the distribution of the senate election.
11th Hour 15-Feb
11th Hour
Parties are making big claims regarding the senate election
11th Hour 11-Feb
11th Hour
Open ballot or secret ballot, how should the senate election be held?
11th Hour 10-Feb
11th Hour
Shelling on the government employees in Islamabad
11th Hour 9-Feb
11th Hour
A video of horse-trading in the senate election 2018 leaked now
11th Hour 8-Feb
11th Hour
The controversy before the senate election.
11th Hour 14-Jan-21
11th Hour
Discussion on the PTI foreign funding case.
11th Hour 12-Jan-21
11th Hour
What will be the next plan of the PDM?
11th Hour 5-Jan-21
11th Hour
PM Khan should himself go to address the grievances of the Hazara community.
11th Hour 4-Jan-21
11th Hour
11 coal miners of the Hazara community assassinated in Mach, Baluchistan.
11th Hour 31-Dec-20
11th Hour
How will be the year 2021 for Pakistan?
11th Hour 24-Dec-20
11th Hour
MQM Pakistan once again annoyed with the government.
11th Hour 23-Dec-20
11th Hour
Will PPP resign along with other parties of the PDM?
11th Hour 22-Dec-20
11th Hour
Discussion on the internal differences of the JUI-F


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