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10 Tak

10 Tak

Anchor: Rehan Tariq
Channel: 24 News
Duration: 40 m
Type: Political Analysis

10 Tak Talk Show Program - All episodes
10 Tak Friday
10 Tak
Reshuffling the federal cabinet again & again
10 Tak 9-Apr
10 Tak
Tareen group vs the rest of the PTI.
10 Tak 7-Apr
10 Tak
Tareen turned out to be a big challenge for Khan.
10 Tak 24-Mar
10 Tak
Maulana gives Shutup call both to Bilawal & Maryam
10 Tak 3-Mar
10 Tak
Discussion on the results o the senate election.
10 Tak 23-Feb
10 Tak
Has the PTI lost popularity among the people of Pakistan?
10 Tak 17-Feb
10 Tak
Why PPP is not happy over the election commission of Pakistan?
10 Tak 12-Feb
10 Tak
PTI announced candidates for the upcoming senate election
10 Tak 10-Feb
10 Tak
Shelling of tear gas on the government employees in Islamabad.
10 Tak 9-Feb
10 Tak
Why videos of 2018 are being released today?
10 Tak 12-Jan
10 Tak
DG ISPR press conference made the opposition task easy or strengthen the government?
10 Tak 9-Jan
10 Tak
A controversial statement by PM Khan regarding the Hazara protesters.
10 Tak 6-Jan-21
10 Tak
Reservations of Usama Satti father on the police investigation.
10 Tak 28-Dec-20
10 Tak
NO NRO for the opposition. PM repeated again
10 Tak 22-Dec-20
10 Tak
PM Khan admitted that he was not prepared for the challenges
10 Tak 18-Dec-20
10 Tak
Bringing Nawaz Sharif back is no more priority of the government.
10 Tak 17-Dec-20
10 Tak
The supreme court once again grilled the NAB
10 Tak 16-Dec-20
10 Tak
Early senate election, Karachi in the hands of looters.
10 Tak 15-Dec-20
10 Tak
Rather than taking up the issue in the parliament, the goVT wants the SC to address the early s..
10 Tak 14-Dec-20
10 Tak
Discussion on the current scenario between the government and the opposition.
10 Tak 4-Dec-20
10 Tak
Plan to send the PTI government home unfolded by the PDM.
10 Tak 20-Nov-20
10 Tak
The danger of a clash between the government & the opposition
10 Tak 18-Nov-20
10 Tak
Serious allegations on PM Khan put by FIA officer.
10 Tak 13-Nov-20
10 Tak
How the PDM will send Imran Khan home under the constitution?
10 Tak 10-Nov-20
10 Tak
What about the inquiry announced by the Sindh government?
10 Tak 9-Nov-20
10 Tak
The majority of the people are not following the SOPs
10 Tak 5-Nov-20
10 Tak
Controversy on the election results in the United States of America.
10 Tak 3-Nov-20
10 Tak
Circular debt will cause more increase in the energy prices for domestic consumers.
10 Tak 30-Oct-20
10 Tak
Treason cases are being registered since Gujranwala Jalsa of PDM
10 Tak 28-Oct-20
10 Tak
Who and what wants to gain from the national dialogue?
10 Tak 22-Oct-20
10 Tak
Sindh police morale disturbed after the Karachi incident
10 Tak 20-Oct-20
10 Tak
Discussion on the Sindh police reaction after the Karachi incident
10 Tak 15-Oct-20
10 Tak
Punjab government granted conditional permission to PDM for the Gujranwala rally.
10 Tak 13-Oct-20
10 Tak
Pakistan has given India solid evidence of Indian involvement in recent terror attacks in Pakis..
10 Tak 9-Oct-20
10 Tak
PM Khan warns the opposition if they break a law while demonstrating.
10 Tak 8-Oct-20
10 Tak
Discussion on the current political scenario of Pakistan
10 Tak 5-Oct-20
10 Tak
A politics of declaring political rivals traitor
10 Tak 2-Oct-20
10 Tak
Whose narrative is stronger out of the opposition and the government?
10 Tak 1-Oct-20
10 Tak
Another speech of Nawaz Sharif from London, Corona cases in Karachi
10 Tak 30-Sep-20
10 Tak
Will this government be able to bring Nawaz Sharif back?
10 Tak 29-Sep-20
10 Tak
Who is the bigger beneficiary of the current political crises?
10 Tak 24-Sep-20
10 Tak
PMLN in serious trouble after the revelation of its leaders meetings with military
10 Tak 23-Sep-20
10 Tak
Discussion on the current political scenario of Pakistan
10 Tak 21-Sep-20
10 Tak
Future of opposition alliance and PM Khan
10 Tak 18-Sep-20
10 Tak
The opposition APC, Pakistan success in the Reco Dik case
10 Tak 17-Sep-20
10 Tak
BRT Peshawar service suspended due to consistent fire incident
10 Tak 16-Sep-20
10 Tak
The government got the approval of 8 bills in the parliament
10 Tak 15-Sep-20
10 Tak
The demand for severe punishment for the rapist


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