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Express news live streaming of Pakistan is becoming popular day by day among the viewers of express tv live. Express media group is the third largest media group in media industry in Pakistan. It is owned by Lakson Group. Its head quarter is situated in Lahore. First they launched their daily express newspaper on September 3, 1998. After serving ten year with daily express only the group launched their first news channel and that was Express News Urdu on January 1, 2008. With the launching of express news channel the group entered into the rising industry of electronic media in Pakistan.
Soon after the launch of express news the Lakson group launched another news channel in English language Express 24/7 on February 5, 2009. It was second English news channel in Pakistan along with Dawn News. In February 2010 Dawn News shifted into Urdu broadcast but Express 24/7 remained as the only English news channel in Pakistan. But not after too long Express 24/7 suffered in heavy financial crises and lack of advertisement that caused to its closure on November 2011.
At now Express media group has four channels on aired. First one is express news Pakistan that is news and current affair channel in Urdu language. Second is Express entertainment or Express TV launched on January 1, 2012. Express Entertainment is an entertainment and drama channel. Third is Hero TV an infotainment channel launched on June 5, 2012 and fourth is Time channel that is another drama and entertainment channel of express TV media group.
In 2010 express media launched their first English newspaper The Express Tribune. It is Pakistan’s first newspaper that has an affiliation with international print media that is International New York Time. The express tribune publishes under daily express news media.

Popular Journalists and Anchor Persons of Express News

Express News has many re-known journalists, news caster and anchor persons. Some of them are highly reputable for their hard work in the profession.  Here are the introduction of the journalists and anchor persons of express media group.

  1. Javed Chaudary (Anchor Person & Columnist)
  2. Shahzeb Khanzada (Anchor Person & Analyst)
  3. Rana Mubashar (Anchor Person)
  4. Asadullah Khan (News caster and host)
  5. Zeeshan Malik (News caster and host)
  6. Mishal Bukhari (News caster)
  7. Talat Hussain (Columnist)
  8. Orya Maqbool Jan (Columnist)
  9. Nusrat Javed (Columnist)

Many journalists of express group has already joined up coming bol tv group, one of more anchors are also expected to join bol news tv.

Javed Chaudary (Anchor Person & Columnist)

Javed chaudary is known as one of the prominent and highly professional journalist of Pakistan.  He was born on January 1st, 1968 in District Gujrat, Pakistan. He completed his master in mass communication in 1991 with gold medal for his excellence academic record. He started journalism in 1989 when he joined daily nawai waqat. He served with various newspapers in Pakistan until he joined Daily Jang in 1997 where he started writing his famous column Zero Point. All Pakistan Newspaper Society (APNS) awarded him with best columnist award for his column Zero Point in 1997 and 1998 as well. He was also awarded with Excellency Award by the government in 1998.
In January 2008 immediately after the launch of express TV live transmission Javed Chaudary joined express news as an anchor person/analyst and columnist for daily express. Since then he is presenting his popular current affair talk show Kal Tak on live express news very successfully. In which he has invited many think tank, analysts and politician to discuss the current issues in Pakistan.

Shahzeb Khanzada (Anchor Person & Analyst)

Shahzeb khanzada is the most active investigative journalist and the anchor person of the famous political and current affair talk show To The Point that is presented on express news. He is one of the young, dashing and full of courage journalist in the profession. He has been awarded the best anchor person award by Pakistan Media Award in a ceremony in 2013 for his investigative report on the murder of innocent Shahzeb Khan a son of on duty police officer by another son of political elite in Sindh.  He brought all the facts before to his viewers and later to the court. But unfortunately, because of our corrupt police and judicial system the main culprit avoided the punishment and left Pakistan for the rest.
Shahzeb Khanzada has also interviewed many public celebrities like Imran Khan, Dr. Tahirul Qadri, Sheikh Rasheed and others on express TV live transmission. in his talk show he has arranged very mature discussion  with the experts about current political and social issues of Pakistan.  

Rana Mubashar (Anchor Person)

Rana Mubashar is newly associated with express news. He is presenting talk show Suno which is based on current affair. He is also among those journalists whose are well aware to the current political condition of the country and also can give his thorough analyses on any issue.

 Asadullah Khan (News caster and Anchor)

Asadullah Khan is working in express news live as news caster and anchor person as per need. In the absent of Javed Chaudary, Asadullah has presented Kal Tak as a host of the show on express news.

Zeeshan Malik (News Caster & Host)

Zeeshan Malik is another professional news caster and anchor person of live express news transmission. During operation Zarbe Azb he has presented very comprehensive transmission on the operation from the operation room of the express news.

Mishal Bukhari (News Caster)

Express news also has very professional and young oriented female news casters. Mishal Bukhari is one of them.

Talat Hussain (Columnist & Analyst)

Talat hussain is an unmatchable journalist in the history of Pakistan. He has proved his honesty to his profession with his truthful reporting and analyses. Talat Hussain is a part of express media as a columnist. His article publishes on daily express newspaper.

Orya Maqbool Jan (Columnist & Analyst)

Orya Maqbool Jan is known as a person who holds great knowledge of history of Islam and other religions. His article publishes on daily express newspaper shows his intend of knowledge about the history of all religions. He can give analyses on any issue with references taking from the great history of Islam and other religions.

Nusrat Javed (Columnist)

Nusrat Javed is one of well experienced journalist in Pakistan. He and other of his age have strong knowledge of Pakistan political history from its beginning. Nusrat Javed is a part of daily express newspaper as a columnist.

Popular Shows

Express news is presenting many popular talk shows on current affair and other social issues. Here we are giving an introduction of most popular talk shows presented on express TV.

Kal Tak (Javed Chaudary)

Kal Tak is most popular talk show of express news. It was started with the beginning of the channel. It is hosted by famous Javed Chaudary. This show is presented on express news from Monday to Thursday. Javed Chaudary has presented the show not only in studio with invited guests also on field either to cover any special transmission like pre-election mood of the people or to visit any celebrity.

To The Point (Shahzeb Khanzada)

To The Point is rating one of the most popular talk shows among few. Investigative skills of its host Shahzeb Khanzada attracted the viewer’s rapidly. He has broken many inside stories in his show and reports fearlessly many unlawful acts done either by the politician or any institutional individual.

Suno (Rana Mubashar)

Express news has presented new talk show Suno based on current affair. It is hosted by Rana Mubashar who has joined express not for too long.


Darling is a comedy show which is written, directed and hosted by famous comedian Khalid Abbas Dar along with another fascinating comedian Amanat Chan. Jugni and the parody song are most popular segments of the show.

Shabbir Tou Dekhay Ga

Shabbir Tou Dekhay Ga is a program based on various crimes held in the society. A real story of a crime is presented on express news with some real visual and facts. Main purpose of the program to give awareness to viewers of express news about different crimes held in the society.
After Hamid Mir incident when he was attacked by unknown gun men and in respond to it geo news launched campaign against ISI and Pak Army this divided the whole media of Pakistan into pro Army and neutral. Express along with few other channels took stance to support Army and oppose geo campaign. During this controversy some channels remained neutral like Samaa News and Aaj News but express news were openly opposing geo news for its act. Many think, because geo was the No 1 news channel in Pakistan before this incident therefore other channels especially express news live got an opportunity to dismiss the channel and get maximum shares of its viewership. It is hardly to determine that express news got succeeded in its effort or not but one thing is sure that he seriously put big dent on geo network repute.
Like other big channels, express also has its website to provide express news live streaming on internet as well. To watch express live transmission on internet log on to:

Express News Live

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