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It won’t be wrong for us to say that ARY Digital live streaming has been a channel of dreams. Since the day this channel started its services, it got too much popularity and success that the competitors seemed to be worried about how to put down the success graph of ARY Digital live streaming. But thanks to God it never happened so. ARY Digital live tv is one of the leading and most favorite television channels of Pakistan entertainment industry. I must say this has been the channel which gave a new turn to the news section. Yes definitely this is true that due to ARY Digital live tv news, the other channels like Express, Sama etc started broadcasing their news services at a high edge.

Live ary digital: a reputed television channel:

It is absolutely true that Live ary digital is a reputed and well versed television channel. It is not only famous for its news and political updates but also the drama, reality shows and talk shows.
In the hustle and bustle of these days we all want something which can refresh our minds. The whole day we spend out of our homes make us feel irritated and tired. There should always be something refreshing and enjoyable for us, and this us why the people turn their ways to parks and play areas. But it is quite impossible for any of us to visit such play areas and gardens every now and then.
What we can do is just sit before television at our homes or listen to the music shows or talk shows at the radio. I must say the radio is not that entertaining and source of enjoyment as can be a television show. Isn’t it? Yes definitely and this is why the private television channels seem to be dominating the world.
Ary digital tv live is one of the well versed and reputed private telvision channels, known for its well entertaining and professional shows. I must say every drama, talk show or reality show of this channel has a life’s issue to discuss and think of. It makes us believe that Ary digital tv live is a full and rich source of non-stop entertainment.
In all such situations when television becomes the only source of entertainment and fun for us, then we can not neglect the significant role of Ary digital tv . This has always been a channel of dreams for many of us.

About Ary digital tv :

Ary digital drama bulbulay is a subsidiary of ARY Groups. It is a famous and one of the dominating television networks of Pakistan. Not only in Pakistan but also in various other nations like Dubai, UAE, Middle East, North America and parts of Europe the broadcasting of Ary digital drama bulbulay channel is at its peak. This group of ARY is basically located in Dubai, and running their business from there. It is definitely sure to say that this Dubai-based group of companies has worked really hard and tough to make Ary digital online an prior choice of the Pakistani viewers. This network is efforting to cater the requirements of the people of the country more and more so that it can come up with the programs and shows which become every eye loving. I must say it is due to their endless efforts and dedication that Ary digital online has now become a prior channel of Pakistan entertainment industry.
For the very first time, Ary digital dramas list was launched and started its broadcast in UK. It was in 2000 when this channel initiate airing its first television shows close to the dates of New Year. The rate of its growing community kept on increasing day by day and soon Watch ary digital live became a prior television channel of UK. We can not neglect the fact that this channel succeeded catering the eyes of the viewers even when a lot of European television channels were there to entertain the people.
Soon when the popularity and success graph of this channel started touching the skies in Europe, the ARY Group thought of expanding its roots in Asia as well. Obviously, Pakistan was going to be their destination and target country to introduce awesome television shows and endless entertaining dramas. Fortunately the same happened as was thought of, the growing community of Ary digital dramas online in Pakistan appreciated its dramas and the efforts of South Asian Entertainments for bringing such a nice television channels into Pakistan. Now it can be said proudly that Ary digital bulbulay is dominating the hearts of people not only in Europe, but also in Pakistan and UAE as well.
The major competitors of ARY digital channel are geo tv and geo kahani.

Other Channels of ARY Digital Group:

ARY digital group own a lot of channels in different categories. They have channels in entertainment, news, music, religion and cooking categories. Following is a list of the channels owned by ARY groupl.

Ary digital schedule: an entertainment hub:

Online ary digital has formated a well versed graph of success for itself. Definitely the demand of its shows is very high. The people love the contents and quality of this channel’s shows more and more. This is the key of success of ARY Digital. ARY Digital’s format of shows was very much close to PTV Prime. I must say it was following the pathway of PTV Prime to become a dominating channel. But it seemed that uniqueness is effective itself and soon ARY Digital developers start thinking of unique ideas of programming. They stopped following the format of PTV Prime and produced their unique and creative television shows, network programs, reality shows, talk shows, prime shows, political shows, dramas and news.
This was, no doubt, the time for ARY Digital to become a dominating and well versed network to become a well coverage one for the people of Pakistan. Despite of the fact that ARY Digital saw many network and channel wars, it still never stopped itself from becoming the prior choice of the viewers of Pakistan. Especially its news coverage and reporting ideas were so awesome and amazing that the people could not stop themselves from getting impressed. Also its well flamable talk shows and dramas are what have really impressed the people of Europe, UAE and Pakistan and helped ARY Digital become a prior channel of all the times. It is still working hard and hard to become more dominating and well versed and keep up the graph of its popularity high and high.

Types of shows ARY Digital presents:

It is quite interesting for us to know that ARY Digital is trying its level best to become a competitive and top notch television channel. To much extent the efforts of the management have been succeeded, however but they still urge upon the quality of shows and dramas. To keep the quality maintained a lot of types of shows have been presented and broadcasted via this channel. Some of the types include;

  • Talk show
  • Reality shows
  • Horror shows
  • Dramas
  • Turkish drama series
  • News updates
  • Current news sections
  • Political talks
  • Morning shows
  • Singing shows
  • Islamic programs and much more

As we can see from the list above that ARY Digital has become a complete hub of entertainment for the viewers. So it is absolutely right for us to say that this channel has worked really hard in making its popularity graph high and high. The credit goes to the ARY Digital management who efforts day and night for producing such a wide variety of shows and news updates.

ARY Digital News channel:

In addition to the entertainment, it is the duty of the television channels to keep the people updated with the current and hot news. It is true that there is absolutely no short of news channels these days. Both at private and government sectors, the news channels are committed to dominate one another and make sure that they keep their viewers updated with every big or small issue or hot gossip. In all these channels the one which has still been able to make its prominent place is the ARY Nnews channel. This channel operates day and night to make sure that the delivery of even small or very minor news is not missed. Definitely the channel is being operated by a team of dedicated and highly professional individuals, who put their maximum efforts for making the people of Pakistan aware of all issues and problems from within and outside the country.

ARY Digital, a successful channel so far:

As we know that ARY Digital is a leading and one of the most successful television channels which is airing its shows both at national and international level. This channel is no doubt so much successful that every now and then it initiates its private promotion campaigns in different parts of the world. The purpose of these campaigns is to grasp the attention of more and more commercial owners and multi national companies. According to an estimate, ARY Digital has been able to pursue the graph of its success and got lots of ads as compared to the previous few years. The more ads it gets, the better are its chances to become more reputable and trustable one for the investors. So far, ARY Digital has made over $2 million in terms of its ad campaigns and promotion campaigns. The analysts are of the view that this amount is much more high that any other television channel’s earning. But still it seems that this is not the end but a start of ARY Digital’s success graph.

ARY Digital’s live streaming programs:

Since the time the competition among the television channels got high and high, every channel stated putting its efforts to offer best and most entertaining television shows and dramas. The purpose and focus of all the channels has had been the availability of full time entertainment to the viewers. Thanks to ARY Digital developers and management who have not been behind the race of letting us have wonderful programs, shows and dramas.
Recently ARY Digital has introduced the series of live streaming programs. Such programs include different kinds of talk shows, political shows, analytical shows and reality shows. The purpose of such live streaming programs is to provide the viewers with live coverage of every talk. Even some morning shows are working under this live streaming format. The viewers of Pakistan and other nations have well appreciated ARY Digital’s effort for launching such programs. On the other hand, different reality shows come both in recorded and live-streaming formats. Such shows are to ensure that the people can know the insights and problems of the country. They ARY Digital team tends to keep us updated with each and every bitter reality of the society. Definitely such programs have greatly helped us know how poor our nation’s rules and regulations are and how the government needs to take serious actions. Otherwise soon a time will come when there would be no room left for us to survive as a good nation in the eyes of the other countries of the world.
Here is given a list of top ranked and best live streaming programs of ARY Digital live;

  • Darmiyan
  • Dehleez
  • Justuju
  • Kaash Aisa Ho
  • Kaala Jadu
  • Kahaani Ek Raat Ki
  • Kabhi Kabhi
  • Maatam
  • Mere Humrahi
  • Mere Harjai
  • Meenu Ka Susral
  • Qarz
  • Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewah
  • Parchaiyan
  • Sannata
  • Shab-e-Arzoo Ka Alam
  • Silwatain
  • Tanhayan Naye Silsilay
  • Yeh Shaadi Nahi Hosakti

Career opportunities for talented youngsters:

Who would not like to become a part of the growing ARY Digital live professional community? I am sure this is always a dream of every educated and highly skilled individual. A lot of jobs and positions remain open throughout the year. This is due to the reason that the success graph of ARY Digital live is getting high day by day and it always needs more manpower and skilled individuals to join the team. Once you become a part of the team, you would definitely find it to be a life time opportunity. No matter which area or specialization of media you belong to, the doors of improvement and increment always remain open for the talented, hard working and dedicate individuals. At their official website; you can check on the current job openings every now and then. The managers and web owners keep on updating the web pages so that the visitors and readers can be given with more and better things to read and get inspired from. Currently you can see the page that there is no job available, but to book your name and resume in advance for future openings, you can submit the CV and detailed resume at the human resource department email address

Online television channel broadcasting by ARY Digital live:

It is an era of internet and technology. The survival of a business is all dependent upon its internet prominence and how effectively it is dominating the viewers and readers of the World Wide Web. Definitely the television channels, especially the private ones also need to be ensured that they have websites and online social media pages to grasp the attention of fans more and more from all parts of the world. ARY Digital live is proud to have its own website, official facebook, twitter, linked-in and other social media pages. Every now and then it keeps on promoting its business more and more and tries to update the web pages and social media profiles so that the users can remain occupied with its shows’ schedules. You can check on the ARY Digital dramas facebook page here; Also we already have given the address of their web page so feel free to check on the web page and social media page to know how well ARY Digital dramas is going on and how its developers and page managers are struggling and working hard to keep the pride of the channel high and high. This has definitely helped the channel management get more and more users and likes in the world of internet. But it seems that all other channels are not behind the race, like express, hum tv, sama, ptv, Urdu one etc. all are also working on the same platform. But there is absolutely no alternate of ARY Digital dramas so far.
Contacting the ARY Digital dramas personals:
If you are interested in contacting the ARY Digital drama individuals or technical team via email, then here are some contact details given for you to get facilitated from.
FAX: 009221-32577811    

Office # 139,1st Floor,
Building No. 9,Dubai Media City,
Phase -3 U.A.E.
Ph: +971-4- 3664888
Fax: +971-4- 3904551 
U.K. & Europe
65 North Acton Road,
Park Royal, London,
NW10 6PJ, United Kingdom.
Ph: +44 208 838 6300
Fax: +44 208 838 6122 ARY Digital live streaming USA LLC
76 N. Broadway, Suite 3012,
Hicksville, NY 11801
Ph: +1-516-937-1279
Fax: +1-516-937-1280

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