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Geo tv live is the 2nd most famous channel of geo group after geo news live. Geo TV is an official trademark of Geo Televisions Pakistan. The channel was founded in May 2002. Thanks to the makers of geo television whose endless efforts gifted us with such a wonderful and amazing channel. It won’t be wrong to say that since the day geo television was founded, its founders, Independent Media Corporation worked day and night for bringing the channel to the heights of success. It has to be noticed that the regular transmissions of geo tv live initiated in October 2002, which means the channel took about five months to make itself proper as per the expectations and desires of the Pakistani people.

Geo television network: an overview of the channel

Truly the success graph of geo television network is very high. It is absolutely a fact that geo is enjoying its success not only in Pakistan but also abroad. It means the viewers of United Arab Emirates, Europe and America etc. can also enjoy the superb and entertaining transmission of geo television. Geo television network owns geo tv, some of the other channels of this network are;

Geo News: a complete and well informative news channel in urdu

Geo Tezz: another wonderful and top class new channel of Pakistan entertainment industry

Geo Super: geo super is a sports channel, which means you can enjoy your favorite sports and games both in live and recorded form at this channel

Geo Kahani: geo kahani is an entertainment channel for those who love to view dramas, cooking shows, talk shows, morning programs and other enjoyable entertaining programs round the clock.

Geo television: a complete entertainment channel

These days we have too much workload that coping up with the hectic routines has become a quite difficult thing. All of us need rest of minds and bodies. For having some leisure moments and enjoyable time we love to either go out with our families or watch the television. The completion among the Pakistani television channel is truly very high. It is quite difficult for us to name which programs and channels are better than the others. In those too many channels like hum tv, express news, express entertainment, urdu one, ARY, the geo family has been able to make its distinctive place. I must say all the channels of geo network are amazing and top notch. If on one hand we talk about geo news—then this is a complete news channel at which you can have a lot to know and learn about the country and international problems, issues and matters from politics to culture and from government to the citizens. In the same way, geo television is a complete package of entertainment.
For those who want to spend quality time before their televisions, viewing some interesting dramas, comedy shows and other talk shows—must give first preference to geo tv. The owners and team members of live work day and night to ensure that the viewers get full entertainment from every show they view at geo tv. This is the reason that the channel has been able to make its distinctive place in the hearts of entertainment lovers. In other words we can say that geo television is a complete entertainment channel which is there for you round the clock presenting awesome and wonderful programs, shows and drama.

Geo films:

It is due to the endless and dedicated efforts of geo network that so many interesting geo movies/films have been brought to the Pakistani viewers. Some of these successful and most loving movies are;

  • Mohabbataan Sachiyaan (released in 2007)
  • Ramchand Pakistani (released in 2008)
  • Khuda Kay Liye (released in 2008)
  • Virsa (released in 2010)
  • Bol (released in 2011)
  • Chambaili (released in 2013)
  • Abhi Tau Main Jawan Hun (released in 2013)
  • Anjuman (released in 2013)
  • Armaan (released in 2013)
  • Dil Mera Dharkan Teri (released in 2013)
  • Devar Bhabhi (released in 2013)
  • Aaina (released in 2013)
  • Shootout at Wadala (released in 2013)
  • Race 2 (released in 2013)
  • Shuddh Desi Romance (released in 2013)

This list is far away beyond completion as still we have so much to watch and get entertained with in the form of geo movies. My and all the viewers’ expectations are high and high from the geo network and we are all hopeful that the channel will soon bring some more enhanced and better movies for us. It is absolutely true to say that the role of these geo movies in entertaining the Pakistani and global viewers, as well as making the channel progress more and more, cannot be ignored at any cost. These high and medium budget movies have their distinctive concepts, stories, and characters. It is quite difficult to name one movie to be better than the other but yes we can say that some of them are more successful than the others, and of course the music and songs of these movies have won the hearts of listeners.

Har Pal Geo concept of Geo TV

The Har Pal Geo concept given by geo tv is a wonderful concept indeed. This idea was given, for the first time, by the channel owners and representatives. Their focus is always on letting the people have more and more information and entertainment from the channel. This is might be the reason that the Har Pal Geo concept of geo tv drama got popularity in a shorter time frame. But have you ever wondered about the meaning and fact behind this idea? I am sure your answer will be no. Let me tell you that this concept was given with a purpose to let the Pakistani viewers realize that how a channel like geo tv live can help them groom and make best of their spare time. For example if you spend an hour or two or even more with geo tv, I am sure you will have so much fun making shows and entertaining dramas which are always there to help you refresh your minds and souls. This is the reason the concept of geo tv, har pal geo, means we should live our lives at the fullest and should try to get rid of the worries and problems of the lives.

Geo awards:

Awards and honors have always been the way to appreciate the people and their work. It is true that in all parts of the world, the role of giving awards is always a must to honor the dedication and work of an individual. It is also effective in the same way in our country Pakistan. Whether it is a matter of giving awards to film personalities or television individuals, the honors and appreciations always motivate them to work hard and hard. Geo tv live streaming has been one of the amazing and wonderful channels which have appreciated the efforts of its team members both on screen and behind the screen. The geo awards ceremony is held once in a year, in which all the individuals of geo network family are appreciated and honored for playing their vital role in the channel’s progress. Let us take a look at the geo awards overview and know how the appreciations and the ceremony touch the skies and make the viewers crazy about geo tv urdu programs and shows.

  • Indus river delta presented a detailed documentary on the awards shows of geo network. According to Indus, the geo awards are purposed to honor those who have been dedicated throughout the year towards the channel. The stage, during the ceremony, rocks and the people who worked day and night for bringing geo to the heights of success, obtain their honors accordingly.
  • The broadcasting is made possible of the geo awards every year either on the Nautical tv or geo entertainment. The viewers are given a chance to vote for their favorite television actors, actresses, dramas, directors, producers, cameraman, musicians and different other persons on screen and behind the screen.
  • On the basis of jury’s decision and votes the final winner of any award is announced at the show. He/ she is not only given with the award, but also is offered some more high priced and better career opportunities.

Masala Lifestyle Awards:

The introduction of masala lifestyle awards was made possible by the team of geo network. The purpose of this masala lifestyle awards is to appreciate the whole team members of masala tv. I am sure you must be familiar with the level of perfection the masala tv hosts and cooks present. Their purpose is always to ensure the viewers that they can have the chance of learning different cooking, baking and food making ideas which they were never familiar with. The masala lifestyle awards, according to the jury members of geo tv, took its start in 2009 and since that time, the award ceremony is held every year, either as a part of geo awards or separately to honor the most admirable and best chef of the channel.

Famous geo television programs

A channel is always known for the quality of its programs and shows. It is of great pleasure that geo tv has gifted us with the opportunity to get entertained with a lot of interesting and admirable television shows and dramas. Since the day the channel started its broadcast, there have had been various shows of geo tv which have won the hearts of Pakistani an international viewers to much extent. Although the list is far away beyond completion, but let me discuss here some of the shows which are dominating the hearts of Pakistani viewers in 2014.

Inaam Ghar

With the same concept of Tariq Azeez’s show Nellam Ghar, geo tv has presented its own interesting and amazing show, inaam ghar. This is, no doubt, a complete family show which is broadcasted every week. The purpose of inaam ghar is to keep the viewers occupied in different games. The host of the show is quite active in performing his duties. Inaam ghar brings a lot of celebrations and happiness together with the surprises and gifts for the participants.

Choti choti khushyan

Choti choti khushyan is a soap of live geo tvwhich is basically a wonderful and amazing love story. This is a story of kashif and jaweria who are in deep affection and love with each other. But the differences of castes, highs and lows, make them feel troubled. They are finding it quite difficult to get together as a couple and don’t know where will their love lead to them ultimately. This soap is no doubt a famous geo tv live presentation and the casting, along with their acting and background music everything is just superb and top notch to raise the success graph of the drama.


Rukhsati is yet another wonderful drama of geo tv. This is all about a family story, and how the parents grow their daughters up and then bring them fetched with proper education and training. Once the daughter grows up, the patents arrange her marriage, and that is the time she enters in a new life where she faces a lot of problems. From her in laws side, a girl has so many issues which her husband is not cooperative. This is all about the story of rukhsati. We are still left with a fewer episodes of the show and now lets see how much troubles this girl still has to face or her life will be settled or not.

Sapne suhane ladakpan ke

This geo tv program is the story of two cousins. They are good friends and close companions of each other. Their affection and interaction lead them have good dreams for future. The story of the drama is quite simple yet interesting. It is all about how a girl manages to value her life and sees so many dreams for a successful future.

Yeh Zindagi Hai

 Life is full of hardships and quite difficult to dealt with. In Yeh zindgi hai, the reflection of living a true life and how to deal with the problems is shown off clearly. This geo tv show has gotten too much appreciation from the viewers. The end of the drama has still to come up and we don’t know what direction it will take at the end. So keep watching the show to get amazed.


This is yet another wonderful and amazing drama of geo tv. This is a story of a girl who is unique and stylish in her habits. She has her own perceptions about life, and thinks of herself as a queen. She is waiting for her king to come to her life and bring her to the world of heavens. For this girl, wealth and treasure are the secrets of happiness. But truly it is not so. We have to see in future if this girl gets to know the realities of life and gets out of her dreamy world or not.

Bashar Momin

Bashar Momin is a story of an innocent girl, Rubab. She gets engaged to her uncle and is not happy at all. She sees various ups and downs in life and wants something to be totally changed in her life.

Bhoot Aaya

Bhoot aaya is a horror show of geo tv. This show is especially loved by the children and youngsters. In this show, a ghost keeps on disturbing the people and makes their lives miserable. But finally someone from the family decides to fight with him and get rid of this ghost. But how can it be possible? To get the answer of this question, let’s keep watching the show.

Hacking of geo tv website:

The hackers and viruses are everywhere in the world of internet. He who makes a website or blog, has to think seriously of the measures to get rid of such hackers. Unfortunately, the crime of hacking the websites and secret information of the companies is getting serious all around the world. The same had happened with live geo tv website. On February 16, 2003, geo tv websites got hacked. The hacker named as Z Hacking Crew belonged to a serious hacktivist group. He had previously defected various other channel websites. His intension has had always been to defect the programs of the websites and disturb the channels’ repute in the eyes of the viewers. For many times this hacker had been accused in Indian courts, but he never revealed of the group name he belongs to. Fortunately, the programmers, developers and web managers of geo live tv took serious actions against him and the website got back normal. This disturbed the website and channel’s repute but afterwards the things managed properly. I believe geo tv and geo network persons and web experts should take much more serious measures for protecting their site assets. Otherwise who knows in near future some other more experienced and professional hacker might try the same process again and the geo network feel irritated. So taking precaution is much better than the measures, and geo tv and geo network should adopt serious precautions to stay safe for a lifetime.

Geo tv, seekho sikhao program:

Geo tv aims to empower more and more workers and workforce which are highly skilled and well performing. The purpose of geo tv seekho sikhao program is to give a chance to the people who want to join the professional geo network community. In this program, the interested candidates are given proper training and helped to improve their capacities. The program is scheduled every month in different parts of Pakistan. The youngsters can have a great opportunity with this seekho sikhao program to come forward and polish their skills. Who knows if they prove themselves, then geo tv live or any other reputed channel might make them a part of the channel team. To get more information about this seekho sikhao program you can check on this website page (
An interesting thing about this seekho sikhao overview is that not only the new blood is given the chance to come forward and prove their skills but also the already employed geo drama and geo network members are helped to improve. Discussions, group conversation and communications are held so that all the team members can come closer to each other. The purpose of criticizing one another is not to de-motivate anyone in the program, instead it is purposed to help others improve in the things they are not.

Contacting geo dramas persons and management:

Want to contact geo tv? If it is so then let me help you, here are the details of geo tv online persons and management given so that you can get in touch with someone whom you want to approach and get your voice listened.

  • Marketing Inquiry: 7th floor, Landmark Plaza,I. I. Chundrigarh road, Karachi, Pakistan. UAN: (+ 92-21) 111-436-111 (Ext: 6218,6202) email :
  • Sales inquiry: 7th floor, Landmark Plaza,I. I. Chundrigarh road, Karachi, Pakistan UAN: (+ 92-21) 111-436-111 (Ext: 6218,6202)
  • Geo Lahore office: Daily Awaz Building 16, Davis Road Tel: 042-6309462-75 Fax: 042-6309471
  • Geo Islamabad: Jang Building 40, Blue Area Tel: 2877761 – 2871821 Fax: 051-2275646
  • For bookings on International Beams (North America, UK, Europe and Middle  East): Muhammad Hassan  (
  • For bookings on All International Channels: Shadab Faisal  (
  • GEO Online, Karachi: 6th Floor, Al-Rehman Building, I.I Chundrigar Road, Karachi, Pakistan Tel: 021-2637111   Dir: 9221 2626088,2271434 Ext: (2548, 2547)
  • For Syndication enquiries: Tahseen Shaukat Head International Licensing & Business Development Geo Television Network (
  • International Content Acquiring and Syndications:

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