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BOL News live is upcoming news media giant of Pakistan. It is expected to launch after mid of June this year. After the invasion of electronic media industry in Pakistan in 2002, Geo Network has been remained top media group on electronic media industry of Pakistan but BOL News claims that it is much bigger then Geo Network as well. Before launching, BOL News has already been heavily publicized among the people of Pakistan and other region of this earth. The news channel also claims that it has much bigger infrastructure, most updated and state of the art studios, more number of DSNG’s, and larger network of reporting which will provide every news first before it will break on other media. This reporting network will be spread not only throughout in Pakistan but across the world as well.
Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh who is the CEO of the BOL Network aims at providing all choices of contents within ranging from news programing to family based entertaining. The network also included with sports version to cover each sport will be played on local soils to international venues.
BOL News is a subsidiary of BOL Network which is also planning to launch an entertainment and sports channels as well along with news channel. BOL News is also an initiative of “axact” which not too far away was the biggest IT Company of Pakistan which was known for its educational products. It was selling degrees of self-made universities from bachelor to master level just to earn money. Their fraud was disclosed by a journalist of New York Times. Now “axact” has been badly exposed, lot of inquiries is being conducted to probe their crimes not only in Pakistan also in USA and worldwide.
Before this scandal, BOL News live had the services of many big names of journalism that left the channel later after the revelation of “axact” scandal. Still BOL News is on air with test transmission and with expectation of regular transmission on 1st of Ramadhan this year. Bol group has started its test transmission of bol news channel. Bol group has two more channel in plan BOL Entertainment and BOL Sports, these are not on air yet. Bol news will have to face the challenging opponents like geo news live, express news and ary news live.

Anchors, Analysts & News Caster

Even after losing the big names of journalism after their scandal being exposed, BOL News still have the luxury of many famous journalists/anchors/analysts/news casters in its panel who are now almost started conducting their show on BOL News.

Mubashir Luqman

Mubashir Luqman is a fearless journalist/anchor who just has joined BOL News. Prior to it he was conducting Khara Sach on ARY News. His show with a title of “Meri Jang” is telecasting on test transmission of BOL News on almost all week days.

Jasmine Manzoor

Jasmine Manzoor is a female anchor who will run talk show on BOL News with title BOL With Jasmine Manzoor. Her show will broadcasts on BOL News on weekend expectedly. Prior to this she was conducting her show on Abb Takk channel .

Nusrat Javed & Mushtaq Minhas

Mushtaq Minhas is known for his field journalism, He with Nusrat Javed conducted many popular shows on various news channels. Generally both Nusrat Javed and Mushtaq Minhas run their show together. After axact scandal it is not confirm yet that whether both will appear on BOL’s screen or not.

Nasir Baig Chughtai & Amir Zia

Nasir Baig Chughtai and Amir Zia both are senior journalists and still associated with BOL even after when there are lot of discussion running on the medias about BOL and its workers future. They run a political analysis based show on BOL News online.
Apart from that BOL News also has the services of Mohammad Usama Ghazi, Javed Iqbal and many more for its news casting and other type of programs.

BOL News Programs

BOL is running its test transmission with lot of doubt over its future regular transmission after exposing of axact scandal and arrest of its Chief Shoaib Ahmed Sheikh. In its test transmission BOL has on airing few from its complete programs lineup. Here is its few news based show being presented on BOL test transmission.

Meri Jang

Meri Jang is political based talk show which is presenting by famous Mubashir Luqman who has joind BOL Network just before to axact scandal is being exposed. This show is being telecasted on week days at 09:05pm.

Live With NBC

Live With NBC is a political analysis based show which broadcasts on prime time transmission of BOL News. Nasir Baig Chughtai hosts this show along with Amir Zia who participates in the show as an analyst. Both come from Jang & The News group. This show is also telecasted on BOL News on week days.

BOL With Jasmine Manzoor

BOL With Jasmine Manzoor is another political based talk show in which panel of 2 or more guests are invited to have discussion on current issue. Jasmine Manzoor hosts this show on BOL News on once or more time in a week.

BOL Pakistan

BOL Pakistan is current issue based show in which Mushtaq Minhas provides his expert analysis along with Javed Iqbal who is the hosts of the show.

Bari Khabar

In Bari Khabar Mohammad Usama Ghazi presents analysis on daily top stories with views from other experience analysts and journalists. This show is presented on almost every day in the test transmission of live BOL News.
BOL is still under lot of pressure due to axact scandal. Many media associations are protesting to protect the rights of BOL’s workers and professional who joined it for better future. Government is still not clarifying its perspective upon BOL’s future. Bol news live streaming is available on

BOL News Live

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